Dems Hate Debt Clock on Capitol – Want it Removed – Hensarling Caves

As if the Debt isn’t on their time. They wanted the real-time debt monitor to go black. Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) caved. The offensive monitor will go black during “Democratic time.” Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn) said the truth up there on the monitor is a”political prop designed to message ideologically.” They have no shame, and my I remind Rep. Hensarling, Democrats wouldn’t silence their message of ideologly for you. Stop pandering.

National Debt Clock (click the graphic to view the real time Debt Clock)

National Debt Clock (click the graphic to view the real time Debt Clock)

If the video disappears or does not play, view it at Daily Caller


Debt Clock Offends Democrats on Capitol Hill (video)
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  • Arlie

    I live in his district. I HATE HIM!!! I have tried and tried to get him out of office but his district is gerrymandered and every muslim that comes here moves into his district which includes the U of MN, and Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs. I have NO representation in the Local, State or Federal Government. There is NO one I can write to or talk to about anything. I live in Communist Minnesota and I hate it!! I have plans to move out of the country within the next four years if everything does not crash before then. I see no hope for the US to survive. Buck Ofama.

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  • Like cockroaches Democrats cannot stand the light of truth. Make them see it every day. After all they are responsible for the debt.