Cory Booker: Guns Causing Carnage are Acquired Illegally: Audience Applaudes – Bill Maher Objects

Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker sat on an HBO panel and talked about the real data surrounding the assault on the Second Amendment. He said the guns causing “carnage” are acquired illegally. As applause for Booker began, Bill Maher interrupted him but Booker continued to make his point. Maher wanted none of the real-time data.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher

BILL MAHER: But Cory…even the Liberal Party in this country is not for taking away guns. If a Democrat would come out for that I’d be a little more sympathetic to what you’re saying. [look a list of just a few of the Obama flip-flops below]

CORY BOOKER: But Bill…what if I told you the data shows that no legal gun buyer in Newark has been responsible for any of the shootings? If I tell you that right now – legal gun buyers are not causing murders in Newark and Chicago and other places… (the video ends here so don’t know if Maher had a retort).

Before the Maher comment to Booker, this was the dialog (see Newsbusters for the whole story):

CORY BOOKER, NEWARK MAYOR (D-N.J.): To me, the data should drive our decision making. So I know, I’m not afraid of people having guns who are law abiding citizens. In the analysis of gun murders and shootings in my city, I could only find one in the entire time I’ve been mayor – and unfortunately there have been hundreds and hundreds – where a person who was involved in a shooting where they had their gun legally, where they legally acquired their gun. The guns that are causing carnage in our cities, my city and our country, every single year are acquired illegally…

BOOKER: Newtowns are rare. What we see in America that doesn’t make the headlines, but there are young people being murdered every single day in communities like mine that don’t make the headlines…If I told you that the data shows that no legal gun buyer in Newark has been responsible for any of the shootings. If I tell you that right now, legal gun buyers are not causing murders in Newark and Chicago and other places.

Earlier in 2012, Booker upset his fellow Democrats by criticizing Obama for criticizing Mitt Romney’s ties to Bain Capital.

“I have to just say, from a very personal level, I’m not about to sit here and indict private equity,” Mr. Booker said. “To me, it’s just we’re getting to a ridiculous point in America, especially that I know I live in a state where pension funds, unions and other people are investing in companies like Bain Capital. If you look at the totality of Bain Capital’s record, they’ve done a lot to support businesses, to grow businesses. And this to me, I’m very uncomfortable with.”

“The last point I’ll make is this kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides,” Mr. Booker continued. “It’s nauseating to the American public. Enough is enough. Stop attacking private equity. Stop attacking Jeremiah Wright.” (NYT)

David Axelrod, speaking for the Obama campaign said Cory was “just wrong.” Booker apologized kinda/sorta. Today, he’s looking at a U.S. Senate run.

Maher would be a bit more “sympathetic” if he thought Democrats wanted to take away guns. It has little to do with what Democrats want, and everything to do with what the Obama administration wants. Remember how Obama campaigned on his support of traditional marriage? Said if you like your health care, you can keep it? Voted against (and bloviated about) raising the debt limit as a U.S. Senator and now tries to excoriate those who want to reign in spending? Remember Obama saying during the 2012 campaign: “Trust matters?” Said I have the same values I had 10-12 years ago (which would include the time period when he voted for infanticide as an Illinois state senator).

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