Chris Kyle Laid to Rest Today – No Recognition from Obama Panetta Dempsey

Chris Kyle, the U.S. Navy SEAL credited with keeping more American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines safe through extraordinary sniping skills in Iraq in four back-to-back tours, is lain to rest today after being shot down in Texas by a possibly mentally ill Marine reservist. He received no honorariums or even a word of notice from Barack Obama, Leon Panetta or Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey. Obama remembered Whitney Houston by issuing a statement that his “thoughts and prayers” were with Houston’s family, “and especially her daughter.” This celebrated SEAL did not do cocaine, he was not an alcoholic and he took care of his family, which included two children, the oldest of which is eight. Not a word from Obama or the Department of Defense or anyone among the highest ranks of our Military. Chief Petty Officer Kyle did nothing for his country more than keep more Americans alive. Not a word from Obama, the Department of Defense or anyone among the highest ranks of our Military. Not worthy of a mention to comfort Kyle’s family who sacrificed much of their lives with husband and father so that he could what he did best in the call of duty.

Taya Kyle, Memorial Service for husband Chris Kyle

Taya Kyle, Memorial Service for husband Chris Kyle

“God knew it would take the toughest and softest-hearted man on earth to get a hardheaded, cynical, hard-loving woman like me to see what God needed me to see, and he chose you for the job,” Mr. Kyle’s wife, Taya Kyle, told the audience. “He chose well.” ~ Taya Kyle

Some 7000 mourners lined up for Chris Kyle’s memorial service yesterday in Dallas. Not a word from Obama, Panetta or Dempsey:

On the stage, a helmet and vest were draped on a cross behind a pair of boots and two rifles. His coffin rested at the center of the field. Motorcycle riders in leather jackets stood at attention at the sidelines holding American flags.

One Navy SEAL member, who spoke anonymously, described Mr. Kyle as the epitome of the team’s ethos. “Will every Frogman, past and present, please stand,” he said. After a number of men in suits and Naval uniforms rose, he recited the SEAL creed. Source: NYT

When Kyle died, he was on an outing with a formerly deployed Marine who was having problems. It is Kyle’s legacy that he reached out to Vets and to those like his alleged murderer – doing what our government fails to do.

Sarah and Todd Palin met Chris in 2011 and attended Monday’s memorial service:

“We may never know to what extent Chris kept us free or how many lives he saved by his brave actions in the line of fire,” she wrote. “But his fellow warriors know how important he was.” Source: The Examiner

Today a funeral procession will take Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle’s body on a 200-mile long trip from Dallas to Austin, Texas and end at the Texas State Cemetary where other Navy SEALs have been laid to rest. From Round Rock, Texas, I-35 southbound was shutdown until the last of the procession passed through. Westboro Baptist Church threatened to protest. Texas Homeland Security, the Travis County Sheriff’s Department and Police will be waiting for them. The funeral was private.

The man who with his weapon, laid on his belly on rooftops all over Iraq to protect our troops and killed more enemy than any other, is not worthy of a word from our government. It is incomprehensible (and if my Internet search or my ears have failed to reveal such “word,” my apologies”) Photo credit Larry W. Smith/European Pressphoto Agency

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