Chris Dorner Hunted by Drone? Deputy Shot At – Speculation Flies

A glimpse of the future: alleged murderer Chris Dorner is being hunted by drone. A drone can be an efficient tool to hunt a warm body, easier than our law enforcement tramping over snowy and mountainous terrain to find him – for days, but the question is, will he be taken out with that drone or a signal sent back showing his location, and tracking him until he is captured? And what about our privacy. Is this the new normal? A manhunt and our neighborhood’s are droned? The Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has reportedly confirmed a drone is aloft (we hear this from the UK) searching for Dorner who has murdered three and promises to murder more. Authorities are searching Big Bear Mountain and have been for several days where snow has been steadily falling. There has been no sign of him since finding his burned-out vehicle, which some believe was a distraction while he made his way elsewhere. CBP say they have been ready for him to make a break for the border with the U.S. and Mexico.

UPDATE 5:05 pm CDT 1-12-13: Chris Dorner is reportedly surrounded by police on Big Bear Mountain in a cabin. Gunfire has been exchanged since about 3:15 pm CDT. Read ongoing updates here.

Chris Dorner

Chris Dorner

Jesse Jackson must be in a fit at the news of drones…after all they might catch him. Jesse feels his pain. He’s never felt an ounce of pain for a White man. It’s everyone’s fault but Dorner’s. A Facebook page, We Are All Chris Dorner, has over 1800 ‘Likes’ and a posting on the page is shared from KHSL TV of a shooting incident. Don’t jump to any conclusions. At this time, no one knows the story involves Dorner.

BREAKING: There’s been shots fired at an officer in Orland. Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones says a deputy tried to pull a person over, and that person fired at the deputy. It’s not clear if the suspect has been caught, of if anyone was hit. A helicopter is searching a nearby neighborhood. Action News has a crew at the scene, stay tuned for updates…

Apparently, an investigation has been re-opened into Dorner’s firing from the police department years ago. Don’t you know, heads are going to roll. I expect another Rodney King roil to break-out at any time.  Read Dorner’s 6,000 word manifesto here.  Thanks to ZeroHedge UPDATE: Dorner is unhappy with F***ing Christians, his Mother and his sister.

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