Afghan Bases: American Weapons Sold in Bazaar – Child Boys Raped

A report coming from the BBC covering American Marines advising Afghans in the most violent district in Afghanistan’s most violent province talks with U.S. Marine Major Bill Steuber about the wide-spread corruption among Police, including the rape of “Child Boys.” Marines are there, but the area is defended by Afghans – Marines only allowed to “advise.” U.S. supplied weapons are sold in the local bazaars, and it’s possible the Taliban has access to them. Watch the video and see what happens when the base comes under attack.

UPDATE 2-15-13: As a reader points out in comments, “Child Boys” is probably “Chai” Boys – meaning they serve (tea). I thank her for that. “Child Boys” is a bit strange. Anyway, the message is still rape.

Major Bill Steuber, U.S. Marines

Major Bill Steuber, U.S. Marines

Have you ever seen the TV show, The Sopranos? It’s vast. Everything from skimming ammunition off supplies, to skimming fuel off their shipments…see all these vehicles here in the parking lot? All of these vehicles are claimed on their monthly expenditures, so they are getting fuel and oil money for every single vehicle that you see, even though obviously they can’t run, they can’t operate – so that’s just money in their pockets. ~ Major Bill Steuben

Not in the video (unless I missed it) is this Steuber quote from the BBC article:

“There’s false imprisonment – they’ll take people during an engagement, and they’ll just wrap everyone up, then they’ll wait for the families to come in and pay them money to be able to release them.”

Also not in the video but in the article linked above:

He said the police sometimes sell ammunition and weapons in the local bazaar, including rocket-propelled grenades. So weapons paid for by the allied forces could well be ending up in the hands of the Taliban…

“If we were to go in and shut down all of their schemes, all of their corruption schemes, you would render them completely ineffective,” he said.

The narrator (and author of the BBC article, Ben Anderson) says one of the basis where U.S. Marines are serving as adviser’s is now unsafe because Afghan police  are selling off security equipment for scrap metal. “Major Steuber says his power her is limited.”

As an advisor, you are dogged by a lot of bark, and not a lot of bite.

NARRATOR: But there is one practice Major Steuber cannot ignore. ON MOST POLICE BASES there are young boys. Some are armed and some act as servants, or CHILD BOYS. Some of the Child Boys are sexually abused by the Police. Three boys have recently been shot dead while trying to escape. Another was wounded.

The Deputy Chief admits the boys are abused by his officers, but says the children are willing participants – [“they give their bodies at night” says the Deputy Chief]. The Deputy Chief agrees to take action, but within hours the operation is cancelled. To date, the Child Boys have not been freed.

The Afghan government says it is fighting corruption and their army is ready and willing to take full responsibility for their country. Like the British before them, the Americans will soon be gone but the future of this troubled region remains uncertain. Source: Ben Anderson, BBC News

A roiling question: how quickly will Major Steuber be sanctioned and his career in the U.S. Marines demolished by this administration?

While I believe the war in Afghanistan was and is just, I believe we cannot, and never will, free the good people of that country from the evil that is so deeply rooted there – not just the evil of the Taliban, but the evil of the long-held beliefs of Muslim men. God help the women and children. Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the video which makes this one point very clear here:

Islam is a religious political and cultural system. Its no more deserving of protection than that of Nazism or Communism with which, by the way, it shares a great deal. Islam is not a race and therefore criticism of it is not racist.

BBC Report on Corruption in Afghan Bases where US Marines are Serving as Advisors (video)

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  • montanaconserv

    We just need to pull out of this country. Obviously, the corruption is so deeply ingrained that they will never change.

    Maggie, I think they are referring to “Chai” boys, not ‘child’… Chai = Tea over there.