Video A Nation Rises – If One Step Saves a Child, We Have an Obligation to Try – Says The Champion of Infanticide

“If there’s even one step we can take to save another child, we have an obligation to try,” so said the most anti-life president in our history; so said the only man to champion infanticide and still rise to the Oval Office. Blackstone Films produced the video below with Obama’s post-Sandy-Hook speech drumming in the background. Tomorrow Obama has a press conference scheduled to reveal his gun control agenda, which will reportedly contain 19 Executive Orders. While Obama talks about gun control, he will be surrounded by school children at the podium with him. It’s creepy.


Of those owning “assault” weapons, how many plan to assault anyone? Not many. Most plan to defend themselves, their families and their friends, if needed. Their weapon is a defense weapon, not an assault weapon.

Chances are, people will die because of the coming Obama weapon ban. Obama may believe himself to be omnipotent, but he will not stop criminals from having these weapons, selling them to the highest bidder (that guy without a police or medical record) and turning them into highly sought after weapons. If your weapon is legal and “grandfathered-in,” it will be a target of theft. Gunsellers will be hassled more extensively than today. Watch for the Government to buy-up all the ammunition, rendering your legal, grandfathered-in defense weapon useless. It may have already started.

If Obama’s presser lasts as long as 15 minutes, Planned Parenthood will have aborted 9.4 children in that time – while children accompany his address to the Nation, and according to what can be discerned (or not discerned) by culling Planned Parenthood books, it’s possible the American taxpayer is paying for those abortions. Abortion is legal. I get it, but I don’t want to pay for it.

Thanks to BarracudaMama on Twitter and The Barracuda Brigade for the video

A Nation Rises (video)