Tiger Elin Back Together? Tiger Resurrecting Karma?

Did Tiger get down on one knee and propose to ex-wife Elin Nordegren? Reports are circling that he did, and poor Tiger will be miserable for the rest of his life without her. There were no signs of his deep love for the mother of his children, that the public could see – even that his peers on the tour could see or would talk about – even before we knew what a disgusting degenerate he is.

Ein Nordegren

Ein Nordegren

The-once-golf-prodigy reportedly offered Elin a $200 Million prenup to come back to him. She countered with a $350 million “anti-cheating” prenup (in addition to the $200 million?) and he agreed, so the story goes.

If this is actually happening, Tiger thinks this is the only way he can resurrect his mojo on the links. He thinks he can repair his smutty reputation in the eyes of golf lovers who are now appalled at his lack of self-control and decency. If this is happening, that’s what it’s all about – getting his groove back, with a decent woman beside him. Yeah, I’m jaded. I was once a big Tiger fan.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods apologised for volleying his nine-iron 10 yards from the 16th tee on last Friday. Woods will almost certain be fined for his unappropriate behaviour, as well as for cursing clear and loudly. Source

I love golf. I thought he brought amazing excitement to the game. Now he’s a loser in so many ways. He shows us the miserable creature he is: we see him his cursing God Almighty, while his rich rearend trots all over the most beautiful golf courses in the world. We watch his clubs fly – those expensive clubs that most can only dream of, custom fitted just for him – clubs that he probably hasn’t paid for in years. He continues cursing. He ignores the press, passes by young golfers without a smile, refuses them a simple autograph.

The man is rotten. He needs only get on a golf course for the whole world to see it. What woman, other than Elin, can make him respectable again? To read details of this unhappy news, here are a few sources: Mail Online, Weekly World News, and Fox Sports.

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    Has anyone noticed that since Wood’s infidelity came to the surface his game has been terrible? He had a loving wife in Elin and blew it. Now she is gone (with the children) and what does Tiger have? Old trophies and a ruined career.

    A message to all men. If you cheat on your wife, you lose everything in the end.