The History Test You Must Take Even If Your Score is Embarrassing

Ol' Broad (she's really just an admirably sassy lady:-)

Ol’ Broad (she’s really just an admirably sassy lady:-)

I failed. Run over to An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings and give it a try. If you ace it, or get half of it right without using a search engine or peeking at the answers, you have bragging rights here.

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  • WOW! I totally failed, lol!

    • Fran, sometimes it how we go into something – our thought processes, but I agree with formwiz, the first clue that this was something very different than our brain initially said, is the grammar.

  • Wow, tough one, although I did get one!

    • neenerrgyobserver, Congratulations for the one!

  • Yos

    FYI Maggie, what’s with the “tweet…tweet” book-ends? Every post has it, shows up in Camino and Safari.

    • Yos, that is so irritating. I either have to remove the tweet button or keep it the way it is. I tried only FB and Twitter buttons, removing the others, and it didn’t change anything. I’ll have to see if my IT guys or a friend I know can make it go away without losing the buttons. Sorry!

    • Yos, the tweet bookends are gone. With great trepidation, I played with some of the plugins. Had to lose the email button, but it’s worth it.

  • Yos

    Went zero for six. Hillary, huh? Caveat emptor.

  • formwiz

    Aced it. You have to think in terms of the grammar used.

    • formwiz, Congratulations! Yes, I did notice that it sounded very modern-day and not couched in the formality of the dictators from the 40’s.

      • formwiz

        Thank you, ma’am.

  • FUBO

    I aced it, however, I would had said Imam Obama said every word of it and not who actually did. It does not surprise me however.

    • FUBO, I also thought of Obama and was surprised that it wasn’t him. Congratulations!

  • I aced it to– not because I know the answers- but because of the way it was set up..

    • Grumpy, I counted on you to get it completely 🙂 Congratulations.

  • I got them right but not because Hillary said them. I knew the names posted didn’t.

    • findalis, Congratulations! It works both ways doesn’t it?

    • montanaconserv

      Same here… just by reason of deduction… not because I knew who said them… I was thinking OdramaKing would have been the culprit…

      • montanaconserv – congratulations. Love the OddramaKing. Perfect.

  • Trixie B

    I got ’em all right!

    • Trixie B, Congratulations! When I thought about it later, it sounded just like Hillary.

  • Yos

    Here’s the thing, Findalis. I answered ’em all “right” but my reasoning was off: I rather was convinced that those words belonged to ‘Lil Barry, every question. Never even for a second suspected Hillary. (sigh) Then again, er, “what does it matter?”

    • Yos, if I had followed your strategy, I would have gotten them right as well. Congratulations.

  • I aced it, too. Never underestimate a modern progressieve.

    • proof. Amen, and it does sound like her. Not once was there “one thing I know is absolutely true” was in the quotes so it wasn’t Obama 🙂 Congratulations!

  • Xavier

    All correct but I didn’t know it was Cankles. I was leaning toward our God-King but there obviously weren’t enough self references.

    • Xavier, Congratulations! Obama was my first choice, but I didn’t take the time to really think about it. I didn’t pick anyone, but moved right to the answers because I didn’t know. Fail.

  • Maggie,
    Off topic….I have another post about Dubai today. You might be interested.

    • AOW, thanks. I’ll be by.

  • I scored 100%. Do I get a prize? LOL!

    • To everyone posting here, I had a genuine conservative on Twitter tell me I should have done my research. He gave me a link to Snopes. I spent about an hour researching. Snopes basically said the quotes were taken out of context – misquoted, etc. After my research, each one of them is accurate. One or two left out a word – for instance one left out the word “turf.” One left out about 5 words in the middle, that further reiterated what she said and didn’t change anything. The person who tweeted me took exception to the “free market” quoteShe said each and meant each as it is presented. I found that the quiz is all over the place. I also found that Hillary was quoted at Weekly Standard and Townhall for several of them. The problem was, even Snopes didn’t have links to the originals. The links they have were 404 errors. Two of the quotes were from the “Faith and Family” forum with Hillary and Obama. So if anyone tells you they are taken out of context, or misrepresented, they were not, IMHO.

    • Jim, Congratulations! Sorry no prize, but I learned a lot because I did have to do the research because of the story I mentioned earlier about the Tweet challenger.

  • I got them all right so I guess I aced the test even though I thought Obama made the comments.

    • LC, yep the right answer was simply none of the above.

  • 100%.

    That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

  • I knew that none of them were any of the choices — they were too American in orientation. But I thought they might be the one and only, and not the most corrupt woman in America. But they think the same, and you know that if one Democrat is saying, so are all the rest.