The Conservative Feminist: I Need an Intern!

Chicks on the Right has a must-see video on the manufactured War on Women. Visit and watch the awesome handiwork of the Chick’s new intern, Tex (I need an intern). Remember what our Foremothers fought for. Please scroll down.

Colleen(Bronze by David Lemon)

(Bronze by David Lemon – click the photo for Lemon’s Online Gallery)

You are blessed
You are strong
You are independent
You are equal
You are capable
You are responsible
You are accountable
You are beautiful
You are conservative
You are a real feminist

The Battle Cry – Chicks on the Right

Visit David Lemon’s online daily sculpting site for a fascinating view of an incredible artist at work.

H/T I Own The World

Linked at Sitting on the edge of the sandbox, biting my tongue. She doesn’t always bite her tongue, and you’ll love the biting and insightful commentary when she speaks out. Read Vegas, Baby.



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  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Lovely sculpture!

    • Maggie

      Opus, Thanks! We are both Colleens, but living in an easier world.

  • David Lemon

    My pioneer woman shows the strength and sacrifice of years past. Today is no different.. She’s armed to protect her family. Her children looked to her for both comfort and protection. Waiting at sunset, for a sign of Daddy coming home on the darkening horizon.

    • Maggie

      David, Colleen shows exhibits all that you have said. She is the perfect “Foremother,” and as Opus said, She is Lovely.”

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