The Big Sandy Hook Newtown Lie: No Children Killed with Rifles – No Rifles in School – Lanza Used Handguns

NBC is reporting that Adam Lanza did not take rifles inside Sandy Hook Elementary School. He did not use a rifle, deemed an “assault weapon” by the administration and media to kill and wound. To repeat, no rifles were found inside the school. Lanza reportedly had four handguns with him. How many of those handguns were used in the killings isn’t known, or at least not included in this report. See the video below. IMPORTANT UPDATE 12:50 pm CST: A reader directed me to this State of Connecticut Update, released yesterday, January 18, 2013, which contradicts the story of no rifles inside Sandy Hook Elementary. I have attempted to find a retraction of the NBC report you’ll read/view below, and have not found it, which doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Readers, if you know of a retraction by NBC or any mainstream media pointing out that Williams was incorrect – that a rifle was used inside the school building, please send an email or drop a link in comments. I did find a video of the/a coroner saying the children were killed with a long rifle.

Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza

Kyle Becker at Independent Journal Review:

The correspondent [in the video below] makes it clear over and over again that he confirmed this information with federal and state officials. Now, a lot of media reports contradict this one, but somebody’s lying. The report that an ‘AR-15-style’ assault rifle was in the trunk of murderer Adam Lanza’s car is up for dispute as well. If one examines footage from police breaking into Lanza’s car, one sees police clearing a round from a “long gun of some type” that does not appear to be ‘AR-15 style’ or ‘assault-style.’

Whether or not the mainstream media are intentionally spreading disinformation about the Sandy Hook elementary tragedy, there is one thing for certain: not only are violent crime rates at a modern low and going down, but only 323 homicides were committed by rifles in 2011. That includes hunting rifles, assault rifles, military style rifles, semi-automatic rifles and whatever label one comes up with, regardless of magazine or clip capacity.

In a nation of 311 million people, the odds of being killed by a rifle is about one homicide per million people, which is far less than the odds of being murdered by a blunt object. (Read more at the link above)

Partial snippet transcription of the NBC Today Show video added as an UPDATE at 1pm CST 1-19-13, Pete Williams, NBC News Justice Correspondent, introduced by Matt Lauer, airing on December 15, 2012:

There is some new information this morning from a couple of Federal officials and State officials. They say now that there were actually four handguns recovered inside the school, not just two as we were initially told. Four handguns and apparently only handguns that were taken into the school…

The report goes to say that an assault-style AR-15 was found in Lanza’s car. NBC is quoting State and Federal officials, yet, if you follow the link above to yesterday’s State of Connecticut announcement, a rifle was found inside the school.



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 See the video of the “long gun” here.

No “Assault Rifles” used at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, Connecticut Murders (video)
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  • ropelight

    A simple eyeball examination of the expended shell casings found inside the school room would end speculation about which gun or guns were used. Rifle casings are unmistakably different from pistol casings, and different caliber casings, rifle or pistol, are marked accordingly.

    Unless its been tampered with the physical evidence will tell the tale.

    • ropelight, yes, I would think this would not be a mystery, but the report was aired the day after the murders, and in this high profile position of the Today Show, he said the info was confirmed by Federal and State officials. Very odd that came out of a news room that would be invested in blaming rifles.

      Williams should be telling us who the “officials” were. As I said, I don’t have Lexus Nexus to use as a search, but I haven’t found anything.

      Everything but this video leads to a rifle being used – but nothing seems to be documented that has been made available to the public.

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  • If this proves true, and the libs used this tragedy to promote their agenda, this is a declaration of war. plain and simple.

    • David, it is probably not true, but I can find nothing where NBC retracted the report – and it was aired on The Today show. Nothing where any other news outlet talked about it. I don’t have Lexus-Nexus, so maybe I missed it, but it is strange.

      • david

        NBC did retract it. Just below the video at, it says: “Editor’s note: Later on Dec. 15, officials updated the public on this story. For more details see NBC’s Pete Williams reports on the investigation into Adam Lanza.” That link takes you to where NBC admits that their reporting of just 4 handguns couldn’t be confirmed and they say “[i]t appears he carried at least two 9mm handguns, in addition to the rifle, which was the primary weapon”.

        • David, I just found you comment in my spam folder. Sorry about that. Yes, I did see the report from the coroner which cleared up little other than him saying there were rifle wounds. It was not a very good update, in my opinion, but I did update with the information from the State of Connecticut which said a rifle was found in the school.

          It’s still odd that NBC posted what it did from Williams, considering that it was very clear, and he cited federal and state officials.

          I don’t know the truth, but NBC’s update was poorly done. Thanks for the links though. I’ll say again, I really do not know what happened, and the weight seems to lie on the side of a rifle used.

          • david

            NBC didn’t add the editor’s note until yesterday afternoon, so it’s easy to see why a lot of people “picked up” on this video, over the past week or so, that was made on 12/15 rather than the later reports that NBC issued that same day.

            • david, I was shocked to see the link. I didn’t remember seeing it the numerous times I viewed the video, but didn’t know if it was possible to make changes that would affect all the videos out there. Thanks so much for letting me know.

  • Maggie … the first report I heard around noon CDT that day from FOX news stated that the shooters car had a rifle on the back seat. Fox said from the very beginning that the shooter did not have a rifle with him … and then the story changed.

    • Carl, then at least Fox changed their reporting within only a couple of hours of the murders. My instinct wanted to go with, okay information changes, but the NBC report came the next day, as an update, siting federal and state officials. Very odd.

  • The followup coverage to the Sandyhook’s murders and remarks by our citizens are nearly as scary and appalling as the incident itself. Statistics are used to minimize the deaths by guns: only a one in a million chance of being killed by a gun or more people die in automobile accidents–a popular minimizer. But we all know, if the one killed is one’s child or family member, that statistic means nothing. Then there’s the hateful language that threatens war if one’s gun’s or guns’ use or possession is at all reduced or controlled: enough to make the rest of the world wonder if the sentiments of the Islamic terrorists have invaded the minds of many US citizens. The bantering back and forth as to whether handguns were used or fifles or a Bushmaster insults the children and adults who died that day from a bullet, whatever its casing. Regarding the second Amendment: We don’t have militias anymore. It is time to ask how many guns does one need to protect the home or oneself?

    • Clare, the administration made the issue of rifles or handguns an issue because the of their rhetoric on coming changes to gun laws. We do have militias. Militias are We the People. The problem coming from the left is all about their/your power. No one speaks of changing the Second Amendment, which is the lawful way to do what you want to do – no the Left will just make a grab and do what they can do illegally.

      You see, you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to ask how many guns I or anyone else has. Get a Constitutional Convention underway and see if you can change the Second Amendment.

      Do you know anything about Chicago and its murder rate? Do you really think you will ever keep guns out of the hands of gang members? The gun bans in Chicago couldn’t do it.

      • Russ

        Clare, Arm the teachers and school officials and there would be no dead children to mourn, just one dead bad guy.

    • Clare, of course if one’s child was killed statistics don’t matter. They don’t matter if the child was killed with a gun or a traffic accident or drowned in a pool. But if one’s child is dead, is it right to get solace in passing laws that curbs our freedom, particularly considering that we are legislating statistical flukes? Please spare us your appeal to emotion.

  • This is far worse than just the issue of rifle. A 20+ year military law enforcement investigator gives about 20 reasons (and joins a Connecticut cop on a separate interview) of speculating that the entire story of Adam Lanza even ENTERING the building as they said – let alone pull off a horrendous crime – simply doesn’t pass scrutiny. (listen to at least 10 minutes here –!)

    Among the revelations of their professional investigation thus far:

    – the rifle thing you mention
    – not a SINGLE 9-11 call came from neighbors even though police say shots could be heard outside.
    – there is zero evidence that anyone could enter the school at 9:30 am when it would require a visual and ID entry and police claim Lanza was loaded with over 100lbs of firepower.
    – a professional soldier would have a hard time carrying the equipment, much less use a “long rifle” to kill so many people in such a short term especially without ear protection. (He would have become disorientated after just 20 rounds because of the noise.)
    – psychologists say that even deranged people can not overcome a psychological condition of the human brain that can’t sustain evil toward children – especially this young.
    – not a single “professional” the media pushed from the school nurse to the psychologist who supposedly sheltered 6 kids – have credentials that can be verified.

    This is right up there with Benghazi, Fast and Furious and faked ID of the Usurper.

    • Jim, I will set aside some time and watch the video. Thanks for the link.

      About the noise and disorientation, he had the children all bunched up in a classroom, and it didn’t take long, and we do often see children horribly abused and murdered.

      I also think it is very strange that there were no 911 calls.

      We were told that Lanza made contact inside the building and they wouldn’t let him in. Then he broke the glass door. I wonder if that door was visible to people driving by?

  • Al Koenig

    Truth means nothing to these people.
    This whole story has been agenda driven right from the start. The politics of illusion…

    • Al Koenig, this administration never lets a crisis go to waste.

  • RKae

    I’ve been following this insanity for weeks now; seen a lot of videos. THIS one knocked me back:

    Scroll down to the CNN video embedded in the article. At the 1:00 mark, you’ll see officers running at the school entrance like action heroes. It’s footage from a drill at a different school (St. Rose Pre-School) that’s happening THE SAME DAY! That means that 1.) CNN knew about the drill at St. Rose; 2.) CNN was shooting video of that drill; 3.) CNN decided to edit the drill footage from St. Rose into the footage from Sandy Hook Elementary WHILE their coverage of the Sandy Hook event was going on. (The CNN video was created on Dec. 14!)

    This is sinister!

    • WOW – THIS DOES MATTER! Read my post about What Does It Matter?

      SINISTER to the Nth degree!

    • To coin a word “Absolutism” used by the Usurper – how about Nazi Communism, to the MAX.

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  • bobmontgomery

    Don’t recall all the details and haven’t kept up with it, since the reporting shifted away from the details to gun control early on. But I do distinctly recall the reporters in the immediate hours after the event kept reporting what “federal officials” were telling them,details about the scene and possibly the suspect, or his brother.. And I thought “Why are they asking ‘federal’ officials about it instead of local officials? How did the feds get on the case so fast and what fed crime were they investigating at that early hour?” I remember the reporting about the Bushmaster being found in the car – whoever put that out probably just wanted to get “assault rifle” out there on the airwaves, regardless of whether it was used or not, meaning it probably was in the car, unless it was planted. Mom can’t talk, she’s dead and brother lives in New York or some place. All we got the first two days was mistaken identities, mistaken associations of the mother and son with the school, so it wasn’t worth listening to any of it any more. After a day or so the med examiner came out and started talking about the number of wounds to each body. Why? The State cop refused to talk about the bullets, shell casings or weapons two days after the event in the briefings. Whether he or anyone else ever did, I don’t know.

  • No one knows the truth here nor ever will as long as BHO has the control. Videos are all over the youtube for example to name just one. Emily Parker WTF?

  • Before I can comment directly on this post I’d really like to see this footage if anyone has those to the NBC news reports and today show. The video embedded in this post isn’t appearing for some reason? Thanks!

    On a side note:
    This has been one of the most well put together news reports I’ve read lately. Along with comments appearing to be respectful which is great to finally see.

    • rlynne, the video is working for me this minute. If you have time, would you try viewing it again for me and let me know if it works for you. Thanks for letting me know there was a problem, and also for your very kind comment.

  • Jim

    I’m glad this is finally getting exposed. A week or so after the shooting there was news helicopter footage of the police chasing one or more people from the school out into the woods. The subject was wrestled to the ground by 4 or 5 officers and cuffed. He remained partially obscured in the woods but the cameraman stayed on him, all the while commenting live. As far as I know there was no mention of other gunmen or even other suspects. There is not a wisp of doubt that the ‘official’ story was heavily doctored to highlight the ‘assault weapon’, when in fact, there was none used in the shootings.
    This whole thing smells very bad and I hope it blows up in their faces like Holder’s Fast-and-Furious calamity.

    • Jim, thanks for the information on the helicopter footage, and especially, someone being wrestled to the ground in the woods. I first heard that they suspected someone in the woods, but then said only Lanza was involved. I did hear that someone who had been in the woods had come forward to police, but was determined not to be involved.

      • I’m seeing new info every day – a lot on the complete invisibility or record of Adam for the past 3 years etc…

        I’m focusing in on the investigation by Mike Powers because they have cash to do it and are professionals at it. THey actually have investigators on the ground in Newton running down leads.

        Fast/Furious was bad. Benghazi was awful. But this is turning out to be almost as great of a fraud as BO’s forgeries…

  • J9

    I found a couple more recent sites contradicting that NBC report on what “sources said”. These are from CT state police. See below. Other news stories are also still reporting the Bushmaster was used.

  • Like Hitlary says: about everything, so we all need to use that phrase:
    Humm VERY COMPLEX, HUH? I bet it is!!!!!!!!!

    What does it matter if we have guns, which is no one’s business? What does it matter if we pay taxes or NOTTTTT, if we don’t like how the government spends our money! What does it matter??? about anything? We The People get to choose, long as we don’t break the law. I tell you it’s beginning to matter that the gov. gets to do as it pleases, without consequence, living like DA!@#$ Nazis,
    THIS IS AMERICA IN CASE THEY FORGET, NONE OF US HAVE FORGOTTEN. Time to put a screeching halt to this Commie Regime. NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT, BTW, that is what they ALL are worried about, and rightfully so! VERY SIMPLE, NOTTTTTTT
    This includes doing some damage to the Malicious Media, for starters.
    Didn’t turn my TV on during that Muslim Iniggeration, Oops. . Inauguration.