Ted Nugent: Person’s Moral Compass Determined by How He References Free Mens Right to Defend Themselves

In this video, Ted Nugent explores what would have happened had those coming to America from England at the beginning of the Nation’s founding, not come. What if he, Ted Nugent, parachuted in and was without others making rules and regs for him? He also has a righteous rant about repeat offenders. Here’s a partial and loose transcript.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

Let’s pretend there is no document [US Constitution]. Let’s pretend brave families didn’t leave the tyrants and slave-drivers of Europe so they could practice the religion of their choice, so they could speak out without being murdered; that they could produce wool without the King’s men coming and taking it from them every season of harvest. Let’s pretend none of that happened. Let’s pretend this guy named Ted Nugentparachuted down to earth and woke up one morning and saw all these wonderful resources and had dreams of excellence and  and being the best that I could be. I don’t need a document, and I don’t need another man to explain to me that I have the right to defend my gift of life, and that there is an argument in America from Hillary Clinton, from Barbara Boxer, from Dianne Feinstein, from a whole gaggle of numnuts who will try to tell me, and that they will dictate where, how and if I can defend myself. I find that unacceptable. I am a free man. Don’t.Tread.On.Me.

A good law-abiding citizen, not convicted of a felony – the Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights IS MY CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT. PERIOD.

Nugent is asked if there should be any limitations. He says ‘no,’ then says:

The limitations should be, instead of arresting people for molesting children 24 times, I would rather the Dad walked into the room, found a person molesting his child, and blew his brains out. I would rather the lady in Massachusetts last month who was taking her daughter to soccer, who was carjacked by a recidivistic maggot, who had been in the prison system all his life, who was let out again, because we feel sorry for him…maybe he had a bad childhood…instead of her being hijacked and murdered, I’d rather she just shot the bastard dead. But in Massachusetts, somebody decided she can’t do that, so she’s dead. I would rather she was alive and the carjacker was dead…

I would rather the guy who beat this lady within an inch of her life in Waco, on parole was he! phenomenal, and beat her within a inch of her life in front of her grandchildren with a whiskey bottle, I would rather she fell to the ground, pulled out a .38 and shot him 6 times in the chest and killed him. Am I weird? Because the guy is going to get out again. I don’t like repeat offenders. I like dead offenders.

Some stats on felonies in America, 2010:

77 percent of felony defendants have at least one prior arrest and 69 percent have multiple prior arrests. 61 percent have at least one conviction and 49 percent have multiple convictions.

35 percent of those charged with felonies have 10 or more prior arrests and another 17 percent have between 5 to 9 arrests, thus 52 percent of charged felons have been arrested and before the courts many times…

40 percent of all felony convictions serve time in a state prison and 55 percent of those convicted for violent felonies serve time in state prisons. More serve less than six months in county jails.

Analysis: The criminal justice system is dominated by individuals with multiple arrests and multiple convictions. As a variety of criminological research indicates, approximately a third of felony defendants are considered high-risk offenders.

Speaking of the right to defend ourselves, Koch’s Tour documents another scary “assault weapon.”

Ted Nugent – Second Amendment Interview on KLRU, Austin, Texas (video)

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  • montanaconserv

    Good stuff, Maggie! Gotta love Ted!

  • Ken

    Crazy as his behavior may be, I would vote for him if he ran for prez. He has a better understanding of our country’s founding principles than anyone running for office these days. Keep it up Terrible Ted!!