Spengler: Killed Granny – Paroled – Killed Two Firefighters and His Sister: Its Not About Guns

The word “paroled” is the focus of this story. Two Webster, New York firefighters were murdered, and three others wounded by a convicted-murderer-turned-sniper, allowed to plead-down the vicious hammer-beating of his grandmother to manslaughter, resulting in her death. This is what happens in liberal states. William Spengler, Jr. should have never been released, but after 17 years, he was set free. After 17 years, he was still an animal. In addition to killing firefighters and first responders Michael Chiapperini (43), and Thomasz Kaczowka (19) Spengler’s sister Cheryl was burned to death – her death planned by her brother.

Thomas Kaczowka

Thomas Kaczowka

In some of the articles I’ve read about the deaths of the firemen, there is mention that Spengler used a weapon similar to the one used in the Newtown, Connecticut murders at an elementary school (here and here and here for example, or a focus on an “illegal gun”). The only fact that really matters is that Spengler was free, and should have been behind bars for the rest of his life. Once you murder, you don’t get another chance.

Michael Chiapperini

Michael Chiapperini

William Spengler, Jr. set fire to the childhood home he shared with his sister Cheryl. She had contacted a realtor about putting the house on the market, and recently purchased another home where she planned to live sans William Spengler.

Spengler set fire to the house with his sister inside, hid with his illegally possessed .223 Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, and 12-gauge shotgun, and when firefighters showed up he shot them down. His sister died in the fire. He killed himself, leaving a note for police:

William Spengler, Jr.

William Spengler, Jr.

The two- to three-page typewritten rambling note left by Spengler did not reveal what set off the killer or provide a motive for the shootings, Pickering said. He called the attack a “clear ambush on first responders.”

He declined to reveal the note’s full content or say where it was found. He read only one chilling line: “I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down, and do what I like doing best, killing people.”

Seven nearby homes burned that night, Christmas Eve 2012.

Dawn Nguyen has been arrested for purchasing the guns for Spengler under the guise of her personal ownership. If the punishment for Nguyen is harsh enough in New York and every state, maybe the Spenglers of this world won’t be able to find a willing buyer for their illegal weapons. Nothing Obama directed or asked of Congress in his 23 Executive Orders would have kept Spengler from getting his hands on deadly weapons.

He was mentally ill, say many of the reports. The mentally ill should be the focus of government today, in the sad aftermath of Newtown, not the law-abiding, legal gun owner. No one but Spengler and Nguyen is responsible.

Mentally ill or not, when you take the life of another person, justice is paying with your own life. If you get to keep it, it’s kept in an institution or a prison, and there isn’t enough sympathy go around for you, because there are plenty of others deserving of our time, resources and broken hearts. Shame on New York State and the Judge who let this happen, because without you…Cheryl Spengler, Michael Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka would be alive. Five others would not be healing from wounds, and seven families would not have been burned out of their homes.

The Spenglers of this world are not acceptable, law abiding citizens are. I choose to pay taxes to keep killers off the streets. I choose to divert my taxes from paying for studies of shrimps on treadmills to keeping Spenglers away from humanity.

We The People believe in state’s rights. If you live in a liberal state, it’s time to hassle lawmakers and courts to tighten laws, and particularly laws allowing heinous persons to plead down to manslaughter. How is a person less culpable and less deserving of a first degree murder charge because he killed his granny with a hammer?

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  • franciscodanconia

    Word on the street that the 4 firefighters were avid gun guys, and that 2 or maybe even three owned so-called “assault weapons”. Also a source of mine within the Webster PD says first responders in that town, plus families of the victims, are extremely upset that Cuomo A) Signed that unconsitutional bill, essentially dancing on the graves of he dead, and B) He wanted to sign the bill in Webster, but when there was backlash within the community he decided on the Deep Blue City Hall in Rochester to do it.

    Effin’ creep.

  • Kathleen
    • Thanks Kathleen, I’ll look into it.

    • Kathleen, I notice this man who killed his mother as a 14 year old was adjudged to be mentally ill, but still able to assemble, now at 32 years of age, a cache of weapons, legally. The question is, why did he ever get out of whatever institution he was in, if he was in one. I see that he was released from a State Hospital, but no info anywhere about how long he spent there. When he says, after Newtown: “the monster want out,” in a letter he wrote to the Mother he killed, I fail to understand who would let him on the street.