PEPSI = Pay Every Penny Saving Israel? Jabba the Hut – the Big Guy’s an Austrian!

Think of the heat generated by Islamic grey matter to come up with this stuff. The mission of imams all over the world is to discover new ways infidels have insulted Islam. An Egyptian imam is telling his followers that PEPSI (as in the Pepsi Cola I have enjoyed throughout my life) is an acronym for “Pay Every Penny Saving Israel.” The interpretation, as you’ll see in the video below, comes the from the Cabal Of Lacivious al-quada (COLA). Actually, the acronym PEPSI indicated the ingredients used, mainly pepsin and cola nuts (cola nuts are a different story for a different time), in a drink concocted by a pharmacist and drugstore owner in the late 1800s. The name PEP COLA was purchased by the pharmacist who invented the drink and owned it for 17 years before going broke after gambling that sugar prices would rise, but instead they fell. The name and product was purchased by the Loft Candy Company. Since that day, PEPSI and the huge conglomerate behind it has been “saving” Israel [sarc and guffaws]. Steven Givler Online brought this story to my attention, in another story of much greater import concerning Jabba the Hut and Turks in Austria. More Islamic grey matter involved. You won’t believe this story, and Steven tells it well, down to the smallest detail involving a belly dancer.

Jabba the Hut

Jabba the Hut

Message from the Cabal Of Lacivious al-Qaeda (COLA) (video)
Thanks to MEMRITV

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  • Many thanks for the link, Maggie, and for spreading the word.

  • Heh! They are working overtime to come up with these insults. They could have called me and I would have insulted much better and it would have taken far less of their time.

  • You are expecting sane thought from men who are the result of 1400 of inbreeding? This is mild compared to the stupidity that is coming from the area.

    • findalis, it is mild, but they are so willing to show their ignorance.