Oklahoma S. 552: Carry Your Pistol in Your Vehicle Legislation Needs Co-Authors – Action Alert

Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm has authored S. 552 which will provide for “gun owners, over the age of 21, and not a convicted felon, to keep a pistol in their vehicle for self defense.” Oklahoma State Representative Lewis Moore (R-96th) is the primary Oklahoma House author. For full details on S. 552 and companion legislation, check this previous article. In the meantime, if you are an Okie, please help encourage your lawmaker to co-author S. 552 or the House bill (which I cannot identify at this time – I’m working on it). See information and links below to finding your state Congressman or Senator.

Natham Dahm

Oklahoma State Senator Natham Dahm

Oklahoma State Representative Lewis Moore

Oklahoma State Representative Lewis Moore

Find your Oklahoma Representative here. If you are unsure of your specific state House District, find maps by county and district here, or  since the Oklahoma State Legislature seems to have been defeated by newly drawn redistricting maps, you can do a search engine search for “who represents oklahoma state house for (insert your zip code) zip code.” The link to your district maybe a few searches down the page. 

Find your Oklahoma Senator here. If you are unsure of your specific state Senatorial District, find maps here, but be aware, if you are  in District 33, as I am, the black marker scribbling will obscure your district number.

Senator Dahm represents Tulsa County, author of S. 552:

Office phone: (405) 521-5551

Email: Dahm@oksenate.gov   Twitter: @OkSenNathamDahm

Executive Assistant: Sharon Brown

Office Address: 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 533A, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

The following are some, but not nearly all, of the larger Oklahoma House Districts represented by Republicans. Find the Democrats on this list and contact them as well.

Rep. Lewis Moore (R), District 96, the cities of Oklahoma City, Edmond, Arcadia Choctaw, Luther, Harrah (zip codes 73007, 73013, 73020, 73034, 73045, 73049, 73054: Rep. Moore is the House primary author of S. 552. Please send him a thank you.

Office Phone: (405) 557-7400

Email: lewis.moore@okhouse.gov   Twitter: @lewismooreok (not much action on this account – email might be best)

Legislative Assistant: Debbie Morales

Rep. Jadine Nollan (R), District 66, cities of Sand Springs, Tulsa (zip codes 74063, 74107, 74127):

Office Phone: (405) 557-7390

Email: jadine.nollan@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant:Caitlin Harwell

Rep. Pam Peterson (R), District 67, cities of Bixby, Broken Arrow, Tulsa (zip codes 74011, 74012, 74133, 74137):

Office Phone: (405) 557-7341

Email: pampeterson@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Celia Scott

Rep. Glen Mulready (R), District 68, cities of Glenpool, Jenks, Oakhurst, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Tulsa (zip codes not available):

Office Phone: (405) 557-7340

Email: glen.mulready@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Jennifer Maysick

Rep. Fred Jordan (R), District 69, cities of Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks (zip codes not available):

Office Phone: (405) 557-7331

Email: fred.jordan@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Mary Bergen

Rep. Ken Walker (R), District 70, cities of Tulsa (zip codes 74105, 74114, 74135, 74136, 74145):

Office Phone: (405) 557-7359

Email: ken.walker@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Brandon Collins

Rep. Katie Henke (R), District 71, cities of Tulsa (zip codes 74105, 74114, 74136):

Office Phone: (405) 557-7361

Email: katie.henke@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Ben Keel

Rep. David Derby (R), District 74, cities of Owasso, Tulsa, Valley Park (zip codes 74017, 74021, 74055):

Office Phone: (405) 557-7377

Email: david.derby@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Jennifer Cooper

Rep. Dan Kirby (R), District 75, the cities of Broken Arrow, Tulsa (zip codes 74012, 74134, 74145, 74146):

Office Phone: (404) 557-7356

Email: dan.kirby@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Carol Johnson

Rep. David Brumbaugh (R), District 76 the cities of Tulsa, Broken Arrow (zip codes 74011, 74012, 74146):

Office Phone: (405)- 557-7347

Email: david.brumbaugh@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Debbie Taylor

Rep. Weldon Watson (R), District 79, the city of Tulsa (zip codes 74133, 74135, 74136, 74145)

Office Phone: (405) 557-7330

Email: weldon.watson@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Franke Lou Reeves

Representative Mike Ritze (R) represents District 80, the cities of Bixby, Broken Arrow, Coweta

Office Phone: (405) 557-7338

Email: mike.ritze@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Debbie Blair

Rep. Randy Grau (R) represents District 81, the cities of Oklahoma City and Edmond (zip codes 74003, 73013, 73034, 73114, 73131):

Office Phone: (405) 557–7360

Email: randy.grau@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Sherri Ward

Rep. Mike Turner (R) represents District 82, the cities of Oklahoma City, Edmond (zip codes 73003, 73120, 73134, 73142, 73162):

Office Phone:(405) 557-7357

Email: mike.turner@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Stephen Paulsen

Rep. Randy McDaniel represents District 83, the cities of Edmond, Nichols Hills, Oklahoma City, the Village (zip codes 73013, 73114, 73120, 73134):

Office Phone: (405) 557-7409

Email: randy.mcdaniel@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Chris Briggs

Rep. Elise Hall (R) represents District 100 the cities of Oklahoma City, Bethany, Warr Acres,(zip codes 73008, 73122, 73132, 73162):

Office Phone: (405) 557-7403

Email: elise.hall@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Scott Chance

Representative Gary Banz (R), District 101 the cities of Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Choctaw, Harrah, Nicoma (Zip Codes 73020, 73045, 73066, 73084, 73110, 73130, 73150, 74851, 74857):

Office Phone: (405) 769-5722

Email: garybanz@okhouse.gov

Legislative Assistant: Denise Manek (405-557-7395

The above are a few of the larger population areas represented by Republicans. For all other members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, check this list.

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