Obama Phone Lady Michelle Dowery Calls Obama a Punk: If You Can Be Safe with a Gun We Can Be Safe With Ours

You remember the overtly enthusiastic Obama Phone Lady, “Obama in President, ya know,” “gave us a phone,” “Romney, He Sucks, bad” she said. Now in the video interview with Alex Jones, the Obama Phone Lady Michelle Dowery says her boy lied and he’s a “punk,” and adds “if you can be safe with a gun, we can be safe with ours.” Dowery worked on Obama’s first presidential campaign in Cleveland, Ohio and got involved because he allegedly said he would renovate a particular area in Cleveland (she names it in the video), but it sits today just as it was then.

Michelle Dowery, The Obama Phone Lady

Michelle Dowery, The Obama Phone Lady

Alex Jones and Michelle Dowery, The Obama Phone Lady – Obama’s a Punk (video)
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  • My goodness. A little green shoot coming up from the volcanic ash.

  • OldmanRick

    When has the narcissistic brat ever told the truth or accepted responsibility for his actions or inactions? He only bloviates and pontificates, nothing more.

  • He’s a Punk … that just sounds good.

  • Hope is still alive!

  • Ricci Moore

    hahaha How quick the worm turns when it is a right THEY treasure!! Wait till amnesty is passed, and they don’t need to pander to the dependent class they have created anymore.