NRA Video: Elitist Hypocrites – Note to WH: No Low Blow: To ‘Sir’ With No Love

I doubt there is one Senator or Congressman on Capitol with small children in the Washington, D.C. area, attending a public school with no armed protection. The NRA ad below tells the truth about the Obama girls and the hypocrisy among Democrats and Republicans supporting the sham of piling on gun regulations. Ed Henry of Fox News is just reporting that the White House sees this ad as a “a low blow.” Malia and Sasha attend a school with armed guards – you know, that school from which Obama immediately denied the voucher program for underprivileged children. He loves his daughters no more than we love our sons and daughters. If his argument is that his daughters are at greater risk, that’s not what Sandy Hook proved. The Adam Lanza’s of this world wouldn’t bother with the fortified Sidwell Friends. More hypocritical posturing coming today as Obama surrounds himself with school children, exploiting them – putting their little faces in front of only God knows which deviants – at his gun ban press conference.


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Thanks to Fox Nation

Graphic courtesy of Sodahead