New Conservative Blog: Ooobie on Everything Written by Former U.S. Diplomat

A friend of a friend and now cyber friend, has a new blog, Ooobie on Everything. She is a former U.S. diplomat, who graduated Georgetown University with a major in Russian language. She specialized in Soviet military doctrine and has served in “inhospitable places.” Read her background here. You’ll find interesting and insightful commentary at Ooobie’s place, from her position of an insider, and continuing and current involvement with conservative politics. Here’s a small preview of what you’ll find at Ooobie on Everything:

Ooobie on Everything

Ooobie on Everything

An excellent reminder of NATO’s original authority and comparison with it’s morphed-status today. Read Messianic Foreign Policy, Part 1.

Read about a sweet life growing up in a “green” town, just outside the D.C. beltway (established at the behest of Eleanor Roosevelt), and the comparison between her life and her New York cousins whose parents were tightly attached to the Democrat party.

Some time later, my aunt executed her one and only move up the social ladder when her husband (a chef at the New York Democratic Club) got them to the top of the waiting list for a subsidized apartment in co-op city — and then got his daughter and her husband into an apartment there, and then his son into yet another apartment elsewhere in the Bronx.  They had escaped from the dirty and dangerous inner city to a vast depressing area of open dirt and ugly many-storied condominiums at the outer edges of the borough. My uncle understood the power of patronage and defended ferociously his loyalty to the Democrats when I challenged him on his blind devotion.  “They gave me my job,” he shouted, “and what have the Republicans ever done for me?”  That was and remains the mind-set down on the Democrats’ New York plantation. It is always about what you get right here today.  They have been trained like lab rats to press the lever marked “Democrat” and get the pellet as a reward.  It won’t make you rich, but then you won’t starve to death, either.  Isn’t that a good exchange for your vote?

Read it here and note that she correctly mentions the “Democratic” party, where I always use “Democrat” party because it chafes moonbats like nothing else. She is correct. I admit I am not.

Ooobie is in search of  “Vertebrate Republican Leaders:

My mother used to say, “if you present yourself as a rug, people will wipe their feet on you.”  That seems to sum up the situation in our Congress, where the Republicans are warming up to the idea of being a useless minority (who cares what their actual numbers are?).

The Neototalitarian Future:

If Christianity was once the dominant religion (and even if it so remains), Christians will be given no quarter and will continue to be hounded and harassed absent a challenge under the Constitution — and once the left takes control of the Supreme Court, there is little risk of that…

The idea of a bunch of raddled radicals getting their hands on children is enough to cause a shudder, like a pedophile with young flesh.  They need to throw their net over our children’s unformed minds and fill the vacancy with their dogma and doctrine. Then they nurture those seeds throughout the school years, by the end of which the capacity to think independently is seriously compromised. If you can shut off debate by demonizing dissident opinion, and rewrite history, and control the message beyond the schools, then you are well on your way toward perfection of the one-party state. After a generation or two, you own the future.

There’s more at Ooobie on Everything. I hope you will visit and welcome her to the Conservative blogosphere. Graphic credit here.

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