Nat’l Shooting Sports Foundation Based in Newtown Ct Expects 60,000 at LV Gun Show

The National Shooting Sports Foundations is based in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 children and 6 adults were shot down inside an elementary school. They expect 60,000 attendees at their Las Vegas trade show. The National Shooting Sports Foundation was represented at Biden’s “firearms violence task force meeting.” 

Map of Criminals with Guns

Map of Criminals with Registered Guns

Right now on television with 4 children sitting on the stage with him, he has given their names, the camera has focused on them several times…on national television.

In Obama’s press conference just ending, he said little, if anything about the 23 Executive measures he will sign. Brett Baier says there is a plan to strengthen laws already on the books, which the NRA supports. From my memory bank, ObamaCare already requires that doctors, and insurance companies ask if you have a gun in your home.

My 91 year-old Mother was hospitalized for pneumonia last week. In the ER, the nurse apologized but said she had to ask: “are your suicidal?” “is anyone threatening you?” and she asked my mother if she wanted me to leave the room before she answered. Mother was appalled.

I didn’t object to those questions, and I certainly do not object to enforcing laws already on the books, but when the “Universal” background check is in full swing, expect it to go far beyond the boundaries expected in a country constitutionally-bound to protect a citizen’s to keep and bear arms.  Armed illegals, drug lords, and the Jared Loughners, James Holmes’, Nidal Hasans and Adam Lanzas will not show up in a Universal background check. Our privacy has already been stolen. Law abiding citizens will be further and more extensively hunted and haunted by our own Government.


  • Ed Sweet

    How pathetic ! My father died at 100 and never did anyone in a hospital ask if these questions. Oh yea, I live in Canada a NON communist country like the US. Canada is just a socialist country. Good luck America.

    • Ed Sweet, it was pathetic for my mother. She is still very sharp, and was completely shocked.