Michelle Obamas 2nd Inaugural Shovel Ready Job – Lunch: Elbows on the Table, Dismisses Boehner

Look at the arrogance oozing from this woman. She eats with her elbows on the table and can hardly abide her dining partner, John Boehner, and perhaps his wife. In 11 seconds, she takes two bites, and wore an everyday cardigan for the big inaugural day. Thanks to SooperMexican for the video.

Michelle Obama's Shovel-Ready Job - Lunch

Michelle Obama’s Shovel-Ready Job – Lunch

Others talking about Michelle:
…and what’s that Barack is doing to his nose? Read it at Adrienne’s Corner.

Michelle Obama Shovels in Lunch While Dismissing John Boehner (video)
Gif/Photo Credit: Gawker

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  • She doesn’t have her elbow on the table – it’s her whole damn arm. What a pig! And Obama picking at his nose. Arrrrrrrrgh!!

    • Adrienne, you know I briefly noticed that but forgot it. Really, it is disgusting that a First Lady would dress this way with such abominable manners. I expect anything of him.

      • At my at home worst (which can be pretty bad) – I have never, ever eaten like that. Never!

      • Finally a shovel ready job that the Obamas can sink their teeth into.

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  • montanaconserv

    Two observations… when putting the elbow on the table, it was also a turning of the shoulder towards Boehner, dismissing him (i.e., giving him the cold shoulder)…. the nose sniffing is a classic habit of those who use cocaine – not saying he is, but I’ve seen it many times in friends who have fallen down that path of addiction….

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  • gsnarks

    It looked to me as though the first lady was politely leaning forward at a crowded table so POTUS and John Boehner could share a quip without having to talk through her. And frankly, after a long cold morning’s festivities she was probably…HUNGRY, and had but a few moments before the speeches began and the cameras would again be focused on her. I’d love to see how you bleeting cows would photograph in this situation.

    • montanaconserv

      Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

    • There is no excuse for bad manners. I have undergone 25 hour fasts and still did not shovel food into my face like a pig.

      She acted like a common whore and should be treated as such.

    • gsnarks, nothing polite about what you see in the video. She is the First Lady, and through her husband is paid to have a bit of class and exhibit at least base manners. How do you explain talking with her mouth full, and don’t think there is any sympathy here for her being cold or having a short time for lunch, or being hungry. One look at her and you know she hasn’t missed any meals. She represents this country, unfortunately.

    • Gwen

      POLITELY LEANING FORWARD!!What hypocrisy you spew!Can you imagine what these New York snobby liberals and Michelle fans and news observers would have said of Nancy Reagan and/or the two Barbara Bushes if any one of these great ladies had portrayed the same uncultured behavior. What a shameful historically poor telling portrayal of our sitting American first lady throughout the world whom represents American women!!Disgusting arrogance of you and Michelle Obama!

  • I am embarrassed for my nation. We have a First Lady that has the manners of a pig. I would never allow my children to eat in that manner, my mother would have slapped me silly if I ate like that, and my grandmother would been so mortified she would have fainted.

    I guess that the food was getting ready to rise up and run off the plate. That is the only explanation I have for Michelle Obama’s actions at the table.

  • That fat pig MO tries to tell others how to act, what to eat, blah blah blah, what a disgrace, ALL OF THEM, excuse me! No manners, no class, yuck! No one could be proud of those no good greedy folk! What a waste of hard earned tax money – America has a ‘Form of Insanity’ allowing this crap to continue, when we don’t have to, when we need to put a stop to all this ridiculous evil Fascism that is getting us no where. Take heed, here we have a perfect example that will continue to wax worse and worse.

  • Gail

    This is a first world problem. In a few seconds of a looped recording ANYONE could be made to look bad. Be very,very, grateful that this is the worst thing you have to worry about tonight. Children are going without food, clothes and healthcare. And people waste time calling the First Lady names? Says far more about their priorities and small minds then anything about our President and his wife. Very sad for our country.

    • I always find the left funny when they scream “IT IS FOR THE CHILDREN!” Give up your gun for the children. Give us your rights for the children.

      What children are going without food, clothing and healthcare? American children? Where? Have you noticed that in the US the poor has a problem with Obesity and not with Starvation. This is especially true for the children of the “poor”. BTW, those children on food stamps, welfare, or any other “poverty” program automatically get Healthcare from the government. It is called Medicaid.

      Now for children in the third world, there is nothing I can do for them or want to. We have fed, clothed and otherwise taken care of them and nothing has changed. Now is the time we stop and their nations do the job.

      You will now call me a heartless bitch, but I don’t care. I am tired of paying for the care and feeding of somebody else’s children and want the “parents” to pay for their own children. I had to pay for the raising of my children without the government’s aid, so should they.

    • Gail, findalis expressed it very well, but I will chime in as well. Take a look though my blog and tell me I haven’t taken time to address these issues – talking about them endlessly, for 6 years now. What have you done.? My concern is different from yours, however. I have decried sending money to countries where warlords steal it from the mouths of children, and where husbands see their wives as less worthy than the men in the clan, where little girls are taken for pleasure is useless. Where we uphold the forbidden use of chemicals that would prevent Maleria, killing thousands every day, want the governments gone. With the help of our aid, they stay. And with the help of many like you, we’ve killed 55M babies since Roe v Wade.

      You represent what is sad for our country.

    • Gwen


      • Gwen

        Sorry to you guys.My nuts comment was for Gail.