Maryland Delegate Stands Up for Pam Geller’s Free Speech – Admires Her Stance on Ill Treatment of Islamic Women

This is refreshing. The new chairman of the Anne Arundel County House delegation, Nic Kipke, says he will attend a conservative political conference, Turning the Tide in 2013, Saturday in Annapolis, despite calls from The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) calling for him to boycott one of the two keynote speakers, Pam Geller. He cites her diligent work to stand against the treatment of women in Islamic country (you know it’s cruel, horrid, unbelievably inhuman – you know it is). CAIR has also tried to intimidate others planning to attend, and dropped the word that far-left and loony Southern Poverty Law Center disapproves of Ms. Geller – surely a badge of honor.

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller

In her “Atlas Shrugs” blog on Tuesday, New York-based Geller criticized CAIR-MD’s call to boycott her appearance and claimed it has links to Hamas, the Palestinian ruling party labeled a terrorist group by the United States.

“This is how these nazis roll. Thuggery, intimidation and the silencing of critics of jihad and sharia,” she wrote.

Kipke described both CAIR-MD and the Southern Poverty Law Center as out of step with main stream conservative and liberal political thought.

“I’m sure these folks have a beef with her because she doesn’t speak in politically correct terms,” Kipke said. “But when it comes to an issue as important as human rights you need someone who bangs the drum.” Source

Pam bangs the drum, and CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the War on Terror. CAIR does have links to Hamas, including it’s founding  – it’s has been proven over and over. If you don’t already know it, CAIR thugs roam the halls of Congress, and doors to every Democrat legislator’s office are standing wide open (not to mention the Congressional aides they place on Capitol Hill). One thing Maryland CAIR got right is “everybody  knows who Pam Geller is.” So, thanks to Mr. Kipke for not being one of the many CAIR pawns among city and state officials around the country. (There’s someone on Facebook that I need to credit for this story, but can’t remember who. I hate it when that happens.)

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  • Keys to success:
    1. Find out what CAIR recommends.
    2. Find out what the Southern Poverty Law Center recommends.
    3. Do the exact opposite.