Mark Levin: CDC Study of Gun Violence Unconstitutional – Doctors Being Deputized

Mark Levin had a long conversation with Neal Cavuto yesterday. The first part of the interview can be found all over the blogosphere. The most interesting quotes from Levin (for me) began at about 4:10 into the video, when he talks about the unconstitutionality of requiring the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to study gun violence. Earlier in the conversation, Mark posits what happens if a doctor, for whatever reason, fails to report a patient, and that patient commits a terrible crime. What happens to that doctor? He also intimates that it is illegal to deputize private citizens, unless a private citizen wants to be deputized.

Mark Levin

Mark Levin, Constitutional Lawyer

The following is a loose transcription beginning at about 4:10-in:

Unlike Obama, Franklin Roosevelt actually proposed legislation, and his own Democrat House and Senate…his own Vice President and Speaker of the House refused to pack the court. Obama doesn’t believe in legislation. He believes in Executive fiat…unconstitutionally compel private citizens to report on private citizens, under the guise that it might help save a child….

He is going to issue a Presidential memorandum ordering the CDC to research the causes and prevention of gun violence. That’s an illegal Executive Order.

The Centers for Disease Control are forbidden by federal law to undertake studies like this for two reasons:

1) The attempt, through the back door, to treat gun ownership in America as a health issue, so they gin up these phony political reports…

2) About 80% of the professors in this country work for public colleges that are subsidized by federal and state governments. If they want to do reports, they can do reports. There are hundreds of reports like this, including by the great John Lott – and what do they demonstrate? They demonstrate that the Brady Act and other Acts like this haven’t done a damn thing to reduce crime in this country.

Poison pills among the 23 Executive orders, according to Levin:

1) The attempt to nationalize the medical profession and have doctors reporting their clients to the federal government…this is 1930’s stuff. The American people need to rise up against that. The medical profession needs to say ‘no.’

2) He clearly wants a national database where all innocent, law abiding citizens who purchase guns are on a national database…I can understand a national database of criminals. Why do we need a national database of American citizens who own guns?

Last night on O’Reilly, Senator Marco Rubio said “he [Obama] doesn’t have the guts to admit it, is not a believer in the Second Amendment, although he states he is.” That’s now, but back then, Obama said he did not “believe people should own guns.” Pass it around.

Thanks to an ebb and flow. To read the transcript of the earlier part of this discussion, or should the video below disappear or not play, visit RightScoop:


Neal Cavuto Interviews Mark Levin on Obama’s 23 Gun Control Executive Orders (video)

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  • The biggest threat to Americans is not guns, but the African born Communist trader who occupies the White House.

    • Carl, yes, and right after him that scum bag Harry Reid.

  • Yeah, that national registry of gun owners is especially troubling. It’s a one-stop shop for confiscating our firearms. Is he trying to provoke a second civil war? Some days I think “yes.”

    • Chris Wysocki, As Levin said, we need only a database of criminals. Of course, they don’t register weapons, but if you commit a crime, especially at the felony level (and I about ready to add misdemeanors because so many felonies are pled down) your name goes on the database, whether bad behavior with a gun is in your background or not. Leave the rest of us alone.

  • Those of you who live in states that require permits need to yank back those laws because permits in and of themselves are creating a database. In VA we have insta-check background checks. You walk in, the dealer runs a quick instant check with the state police, you walk out with your firearm. No permit required. I believe any new federal firearm regulations are going to have to be fought by the states’ attorney generals. Whoa to those that live in Blue states.

    • Freedom, by the way, in my state of Oklahoma, unless something has changed, we do need a permit to carry a handgun (and we now have open carry) but no permits or registration or licensing for purchasing for anything.