Lucas Yonkman CCL Armed Vet: WA City Councilman Walks Out – Oak Harbor Mayor Defends Vet

I know in my heart there are thousands and thousands of communities like Oak Harber, Washington scattered all around our country. Disabled Vet Lucas Yonkman attended an Oak Harbor Council Meeting expecting the conversation to be about City Parks. The video begins when Mr. Yonkman steps to the microphone and says he is only speaking because of some of the discussion that went before (which is not revealed to us). He says he is a “professional” with a weapon and is armed every day, only for the defense of himself and others. He speaks of the importance of the Second Amendment, and training children, not to use weapons, but to be safe around them, not to glorify weapons, but to teach of the purpose of the Second Amendment. Then he takes his seat. Next, you see the best and worst of those sworn to protect the U.S. Constitution.

Oak Harbor, Washington Councilman wants to disarm Aghanistan War Vet with CCL

Oak Harbor, Washington Councilman wants to disarm Aghanistan War Vet with CCL

Then a councilman pictured above (identified here as Rick Almberg) addresses the Council Chairman and asks that Yonkman be asked if he is armed right now. The Mayor asks: would it matter?, and the Councilman says “it does to me.” You can see Yonkman walk back to the lectern. The Mayor asks the City Attorney and says “do we have to ask?” The City Attorney makes short business of it and says this time is set aside for town residents to ask questions of the Council, and he doesn’t think there is anything in the “Council rules of procedure” that  invites the Council to ask questions in return, but if Yonkman is willing to answer the question, that’s fine, but this time belongs to the citizens.

Lucas Yonkman

Lucas Yonkman

Yonkman says he is “fully comfortable asking the question” and says, yes he has a Concealed Carry permit and is “concealed carrying” at the moment. He says he is a trained professional with a weapon and served his country for over 5 years in Afghanistan and sustained wounds in protection of those rights. He said he would protect any person with his own life.

At 9:03, the Councilman makes a motion that “if we have someone in the Chamber armed, it is not necessary, and I make a motion that he leave the weapon with the Police Chief, or to the Police Department, or to leave the premise.” The Councilman waits for a ‘second’ to his motion. It finally comes. The Mayor calls for a vote. It appears that two men and one woman say ‘Aye.’ Four are opposed. The motion fails. The objecting Councilman excuses himself, then the fun begins.

Mayor Scott Dudley speaks at about 9-min-in. He asks the City Attorney, had the motion passed, what would the legality have been. The short answer from the attorney (paraphrased): asking the citizen to relieve himself of his legal weapons would likely be invalid and unenforceable – not a “lawful directive.” Then the Mayor apologizes to Lucas Yonkman and the short of his comments is a discussion of how the Councilmen are sworn to uphold an oath that protects the U.S. Constitution and he holds up the oath. Watch it here. It was a great day in Washington State, and a great day for all Americans.

Lucas Yonkman at Oak Harbor, Washington Council Meeting – Second Amendment (video)

  • Thank you, Maggie for posting this. I needed to hear about a victory in this ridiculous climate we find ourselves in. Kudos to Lucas Yonkman, and thank you sir for your service!

    • Velcro, glad it made you feel better. It did me also. I just put up another one, a young Virginia man wrote the 4th Amendment on his chest, went to the airport to catch a flight to his grandmother’s funeral, and took his shirt off. TSA handcuffed him and detained him for 90 minutes. He went to court, ended up at the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and WON, AND THE COURT CITED BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Another great day for American.

  • I am so proud of the way this situation was handeled. I served in Vietnam in 1966 and 67. I love my country and I abide by its laws. When I have skewed I have paid the price. That being said God bless america and This fabulous Mayor who is endowed with common sense and is a patriot. The Veteran is a man doing what veterans do speaking up for this countries citizens.

  • It’s nice to know that some politicians still respect the constitution.