Lone Star College Houston UPDATED: Shots Fired, Students Evacuated – Nearby Elementary, 9th Grade and HS on Lockdown

In the Houston area, Lone Star College, North Harris Campus in the Houston, Texas area is being evacuated and secured. There has apparently been a shooting, perhaps in a Library. The alert went out at 12:52 CST. Evacuations are taking place this moment and a nearby elementary, a 9th grade center and a high school are on lockdown. There are no confirmed reports of injuries, but Fox News is reporting seeing stretchers. Fox also saw a person in a red shirt, face down on the ground in a red shirt. They do not know if that person is a suspect. Reporting now that the scene is more casual, no hands in the air or running, as it was just 7 or 8 minutes ago. Unconfirmed reports that three (3) persons shot in the library reported, and that they were shot in the legs. KHOU, according to Fox, is reporting one person detained, one person possibly on the loose. The detainee may have been shot. Lots of speculation. Gang activity under suspicion by one source, but no confirmation. No doubt details will change. Updates as available. See early video here.

UPDATE 10:20 pm CST: CNN : “at least one of the men was armed and at least one had a student ID.” (emphasis mine)

Both were wounded by gunfire and treated at a hospital, where they were detained. By Tuesday evening, no arrests had been made and no charges filed.

“We haven’t determined their exact involvement,” said Capt. Ken Melancon.

A maintenance worker also was shot. He was struck in the leg and was in stable condition, said Richard Carpenter, chancellor of the Lone Star College System.

The shooting took place outside, between the academic building and the library, he said.

A possible fourth victim, a woman with a student ID who was either at or near the shooting, was treated at a hospital for medical problems. According to a federal law enforcement official who received reports from the scene, the fourth person suffered a heart attack.

UPDATE 5:38 pm CST: To recap, two gunmen are in custody. It was a fight between two ‘men,’ perhaps two students. The two men “pulled out guns and shot at each other.”

According to the station, the injured suspect was taken to an area hospital handcuffed to a stretcher, but the other one evaded authorities. Around 2:30 p.m., that suspect turned himself in at Northwest Medical Center, according to the KHOU source. Source: CBS News Crimesider

This is new, a maintenance man was injured. Earlier reports said a teacher was injured.  Is the maintenance man the third person taken to the hospital? Don’t know.

UPDATE 2:59 pm CST: According to Shep Smith, the hunt for a second suspect is over. Someone has surrendered to police.

UPDATE 2:11 pm CST: Teacher Megan Franks says one in her group saw someone on campus with a gun, she thinks a handgun. Shep Smith says only one of the three in the hospital is a suspect. Who knows?

UPDATE 2:06 pm CST: So far, I haven’t heard anyone on Fox ask for a description of those involved, although one student did say one of the shooters was a Black male.

UPDATE 2:02 pm CST: Vicki Cassidy, Lone Star College Media Director says the dispute was between 2 students, with three shot. Cassidy confirms that police believe one of the shooters did get away. Shep Smith of Fox says the hospital is reporting one in critical condition. Possible that a shooting began, and then moved elsewhere in the vicinity. Shep Smith says Lone Star College is a “gun free zone.” Two students were transported to a trauma center by LifeFlight, indicating, according to Shep Smith, that those wounds may be more serious.

UPDATE 1:55 pm CST: Rod Wheeler on Fox News says his Houston law enforcement sources say this was a dispute between 3-5 students. Police are looking for, perhaps, more than 1 other suspect. A teacher is on the phone with Fox now. She said Police released her and all those sheltering in place, and she is now driving home.

UPDATE 1:43 pm CST: Trace Gallagher now reporting that he is told two students were firing on each other, both now considered suspects. One shot and in custody. Police are telling Fox it is still an active shooting scene. Still looking for a second gunman in the woods near the area. Three hospitalized. All is preliminary and could change.

UPDATE 1:34 pm CST: According to Mark Smith, Public Information Officer, Harris County Emergency Corp, says three persons were dispatched to hospitals in the area.

UPDATE 1:30 pm CST: Trace Gallegher, Fox News, says a hospital has confirmed that two victims came in with multiple gun shot wounds (no information on where those wounds are). He also reports stories that two students were firing at each other, and a teacher got in the way. Gallaher says his information is that three people were shot. Police are searching nearby woods for a potential second suspect.

UPDATE 1:23 pm CST:Student tells Fox that he had to give medical attention to 2 victims, one of which is suspected of being the/a shooter, said to be a Black male. The student says someone came along to help the suspect out (the student still not knowing he was a suspect). The two helped him outside, where police told them to drop him. The report included 2 victims, one of which is a suspected shooter. Remember, none of these reports are confirmed by law enforcement.

Now the report is that the shooting happened in the Admin building behind the Library, not in the Library.

Lone Star College, North Harris Campus

Lone Star College, North Harris Campus

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  • I just heard on the radio that it was an argument that went out of control. No school shooting, more like a gang shooting.

    • findalis, yes it was likely gangs and I’d like to know why adults in law enforcement cannot stop youth gang violence. I can answer that – it’s because of the egregious judges on the bench.