Kaspersky Removed Me From Virus Hell – False Detention

Some customers (not all) of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Labs have received warning alerts when they visited Maggie’s Notebook. All of the alerts were false, nevertheless, I am now officially released from Virus Hell. I am not a phishing site (obviously) – which they have claimed. Kaspersky forced me to delete my Feedburner account as well as replace my harmless little Gravatar, the Liberty Bell. This has gone on for months, and has obviously affected my traffic. As I’ve said before, this proud Conservative suspects a conspiracy – not from Kaspersky itself, but from Liberals who hate the First Amendment when applied to anyone not of their own Liberal leaning. Here’s the email I received this morning from Kaspersky, a Russian company:

Virus Hell

Virus Hell


This site was removed from our bases.

Best regards, Unuchek Roman

“10/1, 1st Volokolamsky Proezd, Moscow, 123060, RussiaTel./Fax: + 7 (495) 797 8700 http://www.kaspersky.com http://www.viruslist.com

Readers, if you get a warning on a blog site you are familiar with, from any virus or malicious code detecting software program, notifying the blogger is a very nice thing to do. It allows us to do our own necessary checks and then to fight back. In the meantime, traffic is fleeing and there is little we can do but try to get our message of innocence out into the blogsphere, while we wait for something good to happen. Today, something good happened for me. Thanks to everyone who gave me a heads up, and thanks to all of those who hit the “ignore button” and visited anyway.

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  • Geez, what a hassle! I’m glad it’s over & hope your traffic comes back soon & better than ever!

    • Zilla, the hassle continues. Readers are still getting the warnings. Thanks for sending out good vibes for me 🙂

  • I use Kaspersky, it is a very good Virus program. It had me scared away for a while Maggie.

    • RandyG, hey friend, I just found this in my spam folder. Obviously, I don’t check often enough. Thank you for letting me know. I understand people being scared off. These virus’ are nothing to take lightly. The bottom line is, there was never anything on my site that was threatening. I believe a Kaspersky user raised a red flag, and they accommodated him/her.

  • montanaconserv

    Glad to see they were willing to work with you! I found it interesting that they put your site on a blacklist… I know where Exchange mail servers are involved, it’s easy for some ‘bots’ to setup shop using the server as a tool to send out spam, and those servers are eventually placed on a black list. They start blocking the DNS of the server… which isn’t too cool … I’ve not heard one for individual sites… did you ask your ISP hosting provider if their servers were on any black list, also? Or if any other site on their servers were having the same issue? (just curious)

    • montanaconserv, as it turns out, this afternoon, two people have told me I am still sending out a warning. I called Kaspersky’s New York office which referred me to their White List, to which you make an appeal, but what they are really looking for is a “partnership.” I do not use Kaspersky. I filled out the form anyway, and answered back the email from Russia which gave me the good news (and incorrect apparently) that my site is no longer a problem for Kaspersky.

      My host has checked over and over for me, but I didn’t ask about their servers. I will do that. I know that one other blogger they also host was flagged last week, but another using the same service has not been.

      Good clue. I’ll follow it forward. You have been a great help. Thank you!

  • I thought I smelled something phishy…

  • Good news! You are certifiably Cootie Free! Not only did I not get the large flashing “get me outta here” warning when I clicked over here, but clicking over to other sites that had you on their blogroll did not present the smaller flags I had been seeing. Well, not for you anyway! (Someone over at “Conservative Commune” might need the same cootie removal as you, Dame Maggie!)

    • Proof! MOTUS tells me she received an email from Kaspersky saying I was removed from their list, and this morning I received one saying they could not replicate the problem. Ol Broad got in without a warning and others as well.

      Thank you for finding a way to get to your desk to check this for me. Anyone listening here, Proof had knee surgery, and just did a tremendous favor for me, today and over the past weeks.

      Cootie Free – isn’t that wonderful! I never had Cooties, Liberals just tried to make it so and it worked.

      • “I never had Cooties”

        Ah, Dame Maggie! Denial ill suits you! The first step is admitting you have a problem! Heh.

        Glad everything worked out for you!

        • Proof, I’m standing by my “never-had-Cooties” stance. The first instance was phishing. My bank and credit card have separate emails addresses for contacting me and they alone have that email address. I never open a thing on my computer that I am not familiar with.

          But the bigger thing is, my fabulous hosts and IT guys checked everything over and over, as did I with my excellent anti-virus software. I know Kaspersky is very popular with geeks, signaling that it is an excellent service, and I’m sure they are, but K couldn’t tell me what was causing it either – even when it was giving a particular alert, as you mentioned the Favicon that I didn’t have. I had a Gravatar. Different services. I would think K could detect that.

          Anyway, I also am glad it’s over and am so grateful for the help you provided. I would have known a lot less to reveal to K without your input.