Judge Napolitano: States Do Not Have to Follow Obama Gun Limitation Executive Orders

Sheriffs and law enforcement in multiple states are saying they will not necessarily abide by Obama’s Executive Orders restricting or limiting guns and gun ownership. Judge Andrew Napolitano chatted with Fox News’ Martha McCallum and said law enforcement officers take an oath to abide by the U.S. Constitution, and the Constitution limits Executive Orders only to those who work for the federal government, not state or city governments – unless, until and maybe if you have taken federal money. Wyoming, Alabama, Montant, South Carolina, Texas and Missouri are considering their legislation against Obama’s Executive Orders, once those orders are known. A Wyoming sheriff has already said he will ignore anything in the Executive Orders that are unconstitutional. See the video below. UPDATE: An Oregon Sheriff has told Joe Biden “We are americans” and went on from there. See that store here.

The question: If Obama, through Executive Order, puts limits on certain weapons, sizes of weapons, clips, multiple clips… (the following is a small snippet of the entire discussion)

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Judge Andrew Napolitano

[Judge Andrew Napolitano] Those limitations on the size of the weapons, the power of the weapons, the amount of bullets that a clip can hold can only be legislated by the Congress. The President can’t do that, and the President’s Executive Orders can only apply to people who work for him, and for employees of the federal government.

Harry Truman, when he became President, was scandalized to learn that the federal government was segregated, the military and the civilian workforce. With an Executive Order, he stopped the segregation by race. A President has the power to do that.

Could he have desegregated state governments? No. He didn’t have the authority.

Now, the President does, happily, because of Civil Rights laws enacted since then.

So, the President of the United States cannot tell a local sheriff, a local police officer, a state attorney general what to do. He can only tell federal law enforcement what to do. It’s a big stick, because they sometimes show up with a checkbook, but that’s a great inducement to comply with what the Feds want, when the Feds are going to let you hire X number more police, and they’re going to pay for it. Where this goes, I don’t know.

I applaud local law enforcement when they say to the Feds, ‘Don’t come here. This is our problem. We’ll deal with it.” The Constitution means what it says. Source: Fox News Insider

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Judge Napolitano on Obama’s Executive Orders (video)

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  • Obama claimed to be a Constitutional Scholar. For one who should understand our Constitution, he keeps forgetting the 2nd, and 10th Amendments.

    • findalis, yeah, he disdains the Constitution. He understands and his background in the underground has prepared for what he needs to do to kill it.

    • Tim

      Obama is a constitutional scholar but he studied it not to honor it but to try and supersede and destroy it. He is no dummy, people should not underestimate him. Like most liberals, they studied law in order to use our laws against us and take control of our nation.

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  • copper

    Obama is NOT a Constitutional Scholar! That’s just more made up bullshit that’s been thrown out there for all those gullible souls. Obama taught civil rights law, part time, as he worked, they say, for a law firm. Neither he or Mooch are now attorneys.