Judge Jeanine Pirro: Fiery, Challenging Monologue on Journal News Outing Area Gun Owners Video

Jeanine Pirro is a former prosecutor and elected official of the state of New York. I listened to her monologue last night and hoped that Fox would make it available. She was at her best – in fact, about as good as one could be, as she has personal, inside knowledge of the Journal News. After the Newtown, CT school shooting, Journal News printed an interactive map listing names, addresses, and phone numbers of residents of two New York counties holding legal gun permits. The blowback has been huge. Not only have gun owners been outed, but all those unprotected citizens are now known, and which home would you choose to invade – one with a gun, or one without one? Her first guest, a New York State Senator, also has first-hand information about this creepy publication, saying the Journal News has used their editorial pages to coddle terrorists, criminal illegal aliens and sexual predators.

Listen as Pirro taunts the women at Journal News. Enjoy! The full video is worth your time.

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Pirro on Journal News outing of area residents with legal gun permits (video)
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Thanks to Fox Nation.

  • Kapow!!!! Home Run Your Honor!!!

    • findalis, she got it exactly right, didn’t she?

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Got it exactly right? What are you talking about? First, if that information was available to the public, then it was public information and already available to whoever. Second, the publication of public information is what newspapers do. First amendment ring any bells? Investigating and publishing information about the scandals of public officials is also what they do. Freedom of the press ring any bells? What, they were supposed to ignore the fact that Pirro was criminally investigated for trying to set up her husband in a tacky sting related to his philandering? Or that Pirro’s husband was imprisoned for fraud? Get a grip already. Children, if the newspapers print something you don’t like or agree with, write a letter to the editor. Or, just admit that you hate other people’s free speech rights. If you are still unsatisfied, join the communist party and advocate for the punishment and censorship of newspapers that publish what you think is unpleasant information. And then, when you wake up, if you wake up, what will you see in the mirror? A big fat commie is what.

    On the particulars, Pirro says that publishing the information (already readily available to anyone) harms abused women, policemen and whoever. That is a curious allegation considering the fact that second amendment advocates have ALWAYS claimed that gun ownership enhances personal safety. I am more than a little disappointed to see an allegedly ‘conservative’ blog site agitate the opposite viewpoint. Don’t you see that you are playing right into the hands of the anti-gun rights groups? Don’t you see how hypocritical it is to say gun ownership is safe while also complaining that it is unsafe if other people know? I just don’t have the words and silly isn’t one of them. And to describe it as “outing” gun owners? What the heck is that? Outing is used to describe the revelation of something seedy or immoral. Is gun ownership an immoral thing now? Mags, this is your worst post yet. By far. Thanks a lot for supporting Obama’s efforts to outlaw gun ownership in this country. A big help, that’s what you are. NOT!

    • W.C. Taqiyya, please refrain from addressing my commenters, unless you want to agree with them, otherwise address only me, and I’ll decide whether I want to waste my time replying.

      Note that Pirro said the newspaper had both praised her and excoriated her. She wasn’t after them because of anything that happened to her.

      You call us children, tell us we are commies and hate free speech. Please…move on.

      • W. C. Taqiyya

        I’m sorry, wasn’t it your name I saw in the comment with the phrase, “exactly right”? So, unless there is another Maggie, I was addressing you. No, no, don’t apologize, that would be out of character. Admitting mistakes is what big people do. Yes, this is my last comment here. Happy trails.

  • I really like her. She mentioned the continuing thought I have. A would be crook or crazy now knows where the guns are NOT. Take that non gun owning libs.

    • Woodsterman, yes, and some people in the area have already had problems – I think one woman whose convicted stalker found her through the map. Also interesting that the state Senator said they have supported terrorists and sexual predators in the past.