John Brennan to Replace Petraeus: Stopped the Capture of bin Laden in 1998? Said Jihad is Holy Struggle – Ignored Christmas Day Bomber Intelligence?

The news is breaking this minute that John Brennan, Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, will be named to replace General David Petraeus as head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Remember January 2010 when the astonishing news of the deaths of seven CIA agents posted out of Forward Base Chapman, killed by a (U.S. recruited informer) suicide bomber in a tent in Afghanistan at the now disbanded Alec Station. The Chief of that operation is believe to be a woman. Brennan has been accused by a CIA agent of stopping the opportunity to kill or capture bin Laden in 1998, ignoring intelligence on the Christmas Day bomber, and he has been an apologist for terrorists, saying “jihad is a holy struggle” and referred to Jerusalem by the Arabic name Al Quds.

John Brennan

John Brennan

Michael Scheuer, the head of the CIA’s bin Laden hunt group (and at one time the head of Alec Station) told CNN’s Gloria Borger that one of their officers [killed by the suicide bomber] arranged an operational hit on Osama bin Laden in 1998, but John Brennan stopped it. Scheuer has also said publicly that Brennan got where he is today by a career of “ass-kissing.”

…it hurts morale even more because one of the officers who got killed had arranged an operation in 1998 that would have killed or
captured Osama bin Laden. And Mr. Brennan was instrumental in preventing that operation from occurring. Instead he said the Americans should trust the Saudis to take care of bin Laden.

So it’s a painful– it’s a painful death, but more importantly it’s a death that didn’t need to occur had Mr. Clinton — Mr. Brennan,
George Tenet, and Mr. Berger had the courage to try to defend Americans. Michael Scheuer – see my previous post:

Gloria Borger grilled Brennan on CNN in January 2010 about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called Christmas Day Bomber:

Borger: six government agencies had pertinent information on Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day bomber – yet no one connected the dots.

Brennan reiterates there was “no smoking gun,” (already an old story), and she forces him to answer her questions. He tells her everyone in Africa buys airline tickets with cash because there is so much corruption there. That’s some position for a Deputy Security Adviser to hold. If that’s done in Africa that’s one thing. If we don’t allow that cash-paying customer to get to the U.S. that’s another thing.

Brennan received a security briefing from Saudia Arabia specifically to warn him about bombers with bombs sewed into their underwear…and specifically from Yemen in October before the December bombing attempt. Here’s that report.

Listen to the short video interview below of Borger and Brennan and listen to this weasel Brennan spin. The UK had already revoked Abdulmutallab’s right to travel.

For some reason, when I migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress, one of the Brennan stories decided not to come along, but I it is worth mentioning here. This story has a few layers. A June 11th 2010 editorial at the Washington Times said a Brennan speech in May 2010 made “Terrorists the real victim?”:

Mr. Brennan also asserted that “violent extremists” are victims of “political, economic and social forces.” This dense statement implies that counterterrorism should focus not on terrorists themselves but the underlying causes that purportedly “victimized” them…. Making terrorists into victims also legitimates their grievances, which is a strange way to fight them….

Mr. Brennan also has been waging his own crusade on jihad. He claims “jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children…..” But jihad also can mean the violent struggle against non-Muslims for the defense or extension of the Islamic faith, something known as the “lesser jihad,” which to the United States is the greater threat…

Mr. Brennan’s view of Islam as a universally benign force may lead him to dismiss some of al Qaeda’s justifications for violence, which reveals willful ignorance. He may maintain that he knows more about Islam than our enemies, but they are dying to prove him wrong.

Remember when Brennan referred to Jerusalem by the Arabic name Al Quds? Non-elected bureaucrats will bring down America under the command of Barack Obama.

Gloria Borger and John Brennan
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  • Another colossal dud of a choice. Every time Obama announces another one, it’s worse than the last.

    • TCL, another Jihadi sympathizer, along with Napolitano, at the highest level of our government. The consequences will be dire (my prediction).

      • banger

        I don’t quite understand why you would think Brennan would be pro-jihadi? You need to give some reasonable motivation. There are other reasons why Brennan and many others in various agencies stifled investigations and operations against the Bin Laden group.

        A better explanation is that the Bin Laden group was the perfect “patsy” group for 9/11 and other operations. Brennan was CIA from very early in his life.

        • banger, First a question: are you a truther? Second, when America’s highest levels of security actually believe, and say publicly that jihad is a “holy struggle,” it’s apparent that he is a jihad sympathizer. He has quoted the Koran, yet said that Islam is a victim of extremists – who follow the Koran.

  • It’s going to be a long four years!

    • Steve, and a dangerous 4 years.

  • banger

    You need to look at the origins of the CIA and its longtime agenda. Brennan is long time CIA and there were very good reasons, from his point of view, to make sure 9/11 happened as it did that strengthened the military/security/industrial complex.

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  • itzashame

    Let’s not forget Brennan’s role in the “08 Passport fraud case involving the break in at the State Dept and Leitenant Quarles Harris, the man cooperating with the Federal investigation who was found dead. Looks like Obama and Brennan go way back. None of these people are to be trusted.

    • itzashame, so many deaths, so few investigations surrounding Barack Obama. Trinity United Church of Christ murder of choir director Donald Young, being another one.

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