Joelle Silver: NY State Biology Anatomy Teacher Forced to Remove Bible, Reagan From Classroom: Marxists Remain?

Joelle Silver, 29, teaches Biology and Anatomy in the Cheektowaga Central School District. She has taught in the District for 7 years. She was allegedly told she would be fired if she did not remove certain quotes and objects, which included a “prayer request” box for the school’s (apparently not her’s) Bible Study Club (all emphasis below is mine).

Joelle Silver

Joelle Silver

One of the notes school board officials ordered Silver to remove consisted of a quote from President Ronald Reagan, asserting “without God democracy will not and cannot endure” and “If ever we forget that we are One nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under.”

District officials also demanded that Silver hide away — in a private folder — the collection of small personal sticky notes containing inspirational Bible verses she had kept on her desk.

One of several posters at issue was emblazoned with an American flag, some school books and a quote from Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians: “Be on guard. Stand true to what you believe. Be courageous. Be strong. And everything you do must be done in love.”

Initially, the school felt forced to take action after Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a complaint. The school reportedly sent an 8-page letter to Silver, which stated:

“your rights to free speech and expression are not as broad as if your were simply a private citizen.”

Ms. Silver has filed a lawsuit:

The lawsuit alleges that teachers in the Cheektowaga Central School District are permitted to display material in their classrooms that reflects their personalities and values, including political and social values. As such, the Buffalo News notes, Silver maintains that she has been wronged because the Christian faith and the Bible are paramount among her values. (Read the entire story at Daily Caller)

Take a look at the Apostle Paul’s quote above. It doesn’t matter who you are, that advise encompasses all religions and cultures, and Reagan’s quote has been shown to be true the world-over. There are no true democracies with freedom and liberty without God guiding the leaders.

First, I’m impressed that we still have science teachers in public schools. I thought Hygiene teachers had to step into the vacancies left by those talented teachers pursuing a life without the NEA. Second, I’m mixed about this, depending on what other Cheektowaga teachers are doing, as alleged by Ms. Silver. How much Marxism is covertly or overtly taught in the District? I’m mixed only because, in a public school, I can see Muhammad and Ayatollah Khomeini quotations on bulletin boards across our Nation, and rather than a prayer request box, students grabbing prayer rugs, and rushing to experience Islamic prayer 5 times a day.

Can you see your child leaving Silver’s Anatomy class with it’s “prayer request” box prominent and walking down the hall to the History class where your child will unequivocally learn that Islam is a religion of peace, and you, their parents, are redneck Nazis? The problem: Ms Silver will lose her fight and the children will lose the comfort of the prayer box, but on down the hallway, they will still be taught Islam is a religion of piece, they will know nothing of truth about Muhammad, and you are a redneck Nazi.

I believe we should have prayer in schools, but not any prayer other than Christian, so I am satisfied to do without it because that mimicking of our Founders will be turned against us, but I want our lying and distorting Marxist History, Civics and English (and some Religion) teachers out of our schools. If we believed in our Constitution, understood our Constitutional Republic, and honestly studied the Founders, a prayer box would not be a threat to any American. Prayers for Joelle Silver.  Photo courtesy of Buffalo News. Read more here.

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  • Maybe the School Board should watch this Youtube Video on Government and Religion..

  • ConDude

    Our pastor talked about this topic yesterday. The leftists want to change freedom of religion to freedom of worship. Worship is something you do on Saturday or Sunday in the privacy of your synagogue or church. Religion is something you ARE, your very core. An orthodox Jew wears his yarmulke every day.

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  • bobmontgomery

    MY local paper, though lib, still puts a bible verse in a corner of the op-ed page. I assume the school district would not allow a copy of a newspaper like that to be left lying open on Joelle’s desk. She might not even be allowed to bring it in. The things that the scumbag ACLU and the scumbag Americans for the Separation have been able to get away with for the last almost 50 years are reprehensible and mostly can be laid at the feet of the US Congress. When the federal judiciary, comprised of 864 federal judges, is dismantled by the Congress, which created it (except for SCOTUS) we will start healing.

  • Those addicted to the superstitious beliefs of religion view all those who deviate from their particular “Sect” as “Scumbags”.

    There are two main items here the first being the American Constitution, that so many religious extremists vigorously defend except when it applies to the separation of Church and State. In this instance this is the statute that is being applied.

    Secondly there is the anomaly of the Teacher, who is supposed to be teaching in the area of “Science.” (Latin for knowledge.)but imposes her religious beliefs, for which there is not a scintilla of Scientific evidence. She had no brief to include this in the curriculum, and was not being paid to do so. She has every right to have those beliefs, but not the right to be proselytising her narrow beliefs in her employers time and at the expense of her employers. There is little difference between this and the (hypothetical) example of an employee handing out vouchers for MacDonalds Burgers whilst serving out Kentucky Fried Chicken, or delivering Pizza.

    • Well first of all Tom, Your not a scum bag.. just miss informed. I don’t judge.. just evaluate.. Your statement in the second paragraph shows your miss informed. The constitution does not cover separation of Church and State. If that was the case.. In God We Trust… would never have seen the light of day.. and that also shows that the founding fathers didn’t want to ignore God, they just didn’t want a government endorsed religion.
      I’ll leave the rest of your argument to someone else.. you actually bore the hell out of me.

      • David Lemon, you are exactly right. The ignorance of the Left’s “separation of church and state” argument is propaganda.

    • Tom Edgar, you misunderstand the “separation of Church and State,” and I suspect you do so willfully. As for me, I said I preferred not to give those like you or other religions the opportunity to teach anything to my child, so I’m okay with it.

  • I make no further addition to my first part as it is unnecessary. except for the ridiculous “In God We Trust”, a very recent addition to the American Christian propaganda and foisted on the public for political gain by a not too bright President. I also add that at least 20% of Americans do NOT have a belief let alone a trust in any God. That 20% is at least double in many European and Scandinavian countries. But I note that as you are unable to refute anything I said in the second part you chose to run away from it. I reiterate she exceeded her brief and introduced material not in the curriculum and then had the temerity to expect the State to support her propaganda for one specific ideology. IF you gain the right to proselytise your superstitious beliefs, then
    it follows that Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Horror of Horrors, atheists, will have to be granted equal opportunities. Christians ultimately believe in a totalitarian monopoly, but those who believe in Democracy have a different ideology

    • Tom Edgar, do you think we see any credence to the beliefs of Europe and/or Scandinavian countries. Note that I didn’t run away from anything. I just, one minute ago, answered your first missive. Read it.

  • I found it difficult to even find the answer but I’ll put that down to old age and incompetence….. I am in my late eighties.

    However my main thrust is that I do not agree with any religion being foisted on malleable youthful minds designed to perpetuate the myths of religions.

    If you, or any one, can produce verifiable, replicable, supportive evidence for the existence of any of the thousands of Gods (all manufactured by man) I will convert overnight. Until that happens I contend no child should be indoctrinated (brain washed) into a belief system of any religion. Especially of Fundamentalist Christianity and Islam. I have travelled most of the world, especially the Far and Middle East. I have yet to hear a sensible argument that proved the existence of Yarweh, Krishna, Allah, Ganesh, Vishnu, Kali, et al.

    It is self evident you place no credence on Scandinavian or European nations, as you place no credence on any beliefs outside your own narrow concepts of what is acceptable, and that based on no physical evidence whatsoever.

  • O K so a bit of searching and I found it.

    So you don’t want atheists or other religions teaching YOUR child. That’s quite O K. But you see nothing wrong with you indoctrinating OTHER people’s children with your fairy tales?

    • Tom.. Do you remember back when you where in school.. do you remember ever having classes on the Bible.. I don’t remember that… We pledge allegiance to the flag.. That was it. Now when I was in High school, being a Mormon, we had an off campus building where LDS kids could go to learn about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and Church History.. but that wasn’t associated with public school.. that was just an extra class we could take. It didn’t foul my mind.. it made me think and gave me principles and character, something today’s kids in a lot of schools don’t learn. So Maybe your over reaching with your fairy tale crap.. and maybe you should just relax.. Your retired, go for a walk, enjoy nature, that just happened, with no grand design..

  • Well actually I went to a School. “All Saints.” which didn’t actually number the students amongst them.

    I notice you don’t even attempt to prove the veracity of the teachings of any religion. As you are Mormon I’m not surprised. The factuality of that sect are impossible to prove, as are the rest. So PROVE with evidence there are Gods. or just one of the many. You may THINK it gave you character, evidently you think the rest of us have none, but all it did was deaden your ability to think analytically leaving you with only the designated road to travel..I have news for you. I don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or drug, My late wife was the first girl I had relations with, and since her death it has remained that way. I don’t play the horses or the Casinos. I don’t need any fear of an after life’s retribution,or of being eldered from a Church,to keep my principles and character to my liking. I am my own brother’s keeper.

    As for being retired I have just come in from splitting my firewood for my cook stove, and none of that soft stuff like Oak this is Iron bark. As I live in the “Bush” on acreage I have ample time to see nature and I see no evidence of “Design”. As a matter of fact if there was a Designer it would be sacked for incompetence. Design? the whole damned cosmos is in continuous upheaval as, at the moment, is my whole country with either a fire, a flood,or an earthquake in the offing. Some Designer, can’t even get the sequence right. I mean you and the Judeo/Christians have some things in common. You both base your faiths around the word of one man with either a book of laws written on clay, that nobody else has ever seen. (God not having the ability to invent paper and pencil let alone a computer printout.) and another who claimed to have seen inscribed gold plates that disappeared likewise, so nobody else can verify the existence of that one either. By the way I do have a “Book of Mormon” it props up a short leg on a work bench. I might use my Koran for that later but I have to try and finish reading it. (Boring too).

    It is interesting that you NEVER answer. only make empirical statements and avoid issues. Should be a Politician.

    • No Tom.. arguing with fools makes you one.. my statements are what I believe.. You’ll never change.. your set in your ways.. as I am. Never the two shall meet. I believe your wrong.. that’s all I have to say. I need to get back to my artwork.. not going to waist another minute with someone who just wants to argue.

  • No, you just can’t debate when your arguments have no substance, you don’t answer because you have nothing on which to base an argument. You only wish to have a conversation with somebody who agrees with you. To say I am not open to change is derisible. I was brought up “In the Faith” I changed allegiance several times before enlightenment. I didn’t stay stuck in the ways of my forbears, whilst I still searched for the “Truth”…But you did. And it is “You’re” (set in your ways) not your, “Waste” not waist (another minute). Finding foolish people with whom to debate is something I found was easy when I travelled across the “American South” a year ago. Strangely I never encountered anybody who wasn’t anything but polite and courteous, guess there are exceptions.

    • I ‘ L L S A Y I T S L L O O W W L L Y Y F O R Y O U T O M.
      A R G U I N G W I T H F O O L , M A K E S M E A F O O L ..

      • As I said on my trip from California to Texas, my first time since visits during W W 2. I only encountered courteous polite and interesting people even when we were at variance in ideology.

        Guess that doesn’t apply to Mormons.