Houston Good Samaritans With Guns Might Want to Remain Anonymous

Two Houston area men in a Mercedes saw an unarmed man running down the street toward them. They stopped and the man told them he had just been robbed at gunpoint. The Mercedes-guys chased the alleged robber down and exchanged gunfire with him. The robber was hit, the Mercedes-guys were not. With the gunshot wound, the suspect identified as  Christopher Hutchins, jumped over a fence and was attacked by a German shepherd. Apparently the Mercedes-guys left without identifying themselves to the robbery victim, Kevin Dorsey, who said they were his angels and would like to thank them. I might be wrong, but perhaps the Mercedes-guys do not want to be identified, caught up in a police investigation, maybe becoming the targets of a separate investigation, and ending in a court room with Hutchins’ lawyers throwing legal darts at them. Assuming the story is valid as reported, increasingly more of us might want to remain anonymous. I’m betting they will be found and hassled. See the KHOU video here. (Take a look at the stories below the cartoon)

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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Cartoon Credit: Patriot Warrior

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