House Roll Call Vote for Fiscal Cliff Bill: Unseating Boehner – Flipping Off Reid Verbally, Really!

Among U.S. House Republicans, 151 Congressmen/women voted against the so-called “fiscal cliff” (more laughably, but more accurately called the “spending bill”) legislation on New Year’s Day 2013. Joining them were 16 Democrats. Only 85 Republicans in the Republican-conrolled House joined Democrats including most of the delegation from my home state of Oklahoma, including the defeated John Sullivan. His newly-elected replacement Jim Bridenstine, would not have voted for this bill. James Lankford is the lone Oklahoman to stand against the mammoth increased spending provided in the legislation. The payroll tax (FICA) of 2% is reinstated this week on those making over $50,000 per year, averaging a tax hike of about $1,635 per household. Watch for it in your paycheck this week. Having said that, we should have never had the FICA holiday. Insanity. Regardless of the bill’s passage, the cliff remains with the canyon full of debt below. Read Boehner’s belated advice to Harry Reid below.


Notably, Paul Ryan (R-WI), the budget guru, voted for this sham. Notably, Eric Cantor who is usually joined at the hip with Speaker Boehner, voted against, as did Kevin McCarthy. Had Cantor and McCarthy taken up this battle, in opposition to Boehner earlier in the fight, we might have had an earlier and better outcome, as Cantor is seemingly the best challenger to Boehner’s leadership (although as weak as Boehner in the past).

Boehner and Ryan lost their caucus tonight. They had to rely on Democrat votes to secure passage. Worse, though, they lost the number 2 and 3 members of Leadership in the vote. Those members do not take that vote lightly. Source: Breitbart, Mike Flynn

Will anyone in the House lead the fight to change leadership? Anyone willing to lose, for the good of the country, and be kicked off their committees?

“At least 20 House Republican members have gotten together, discussed this and want to unseat Speaker Boehner–and are willing to do what it takes to do it,” Meyer said. “That’s more than enough to get the job done, but the one problem these guys face is they need a leader to coalesce behind.”…

AMA [American Majority Action] is hardly the only conservative entity aware of the rekindled effort afoot to unseat Boehner. Another conservative with inside knowledge of the effort told Breitbart News that the movement has “new focus and juice,” and if enough members go to Boehner telling him they won’t support his re-election, that Americans should “watch for him to resign gracefully.” Source: Breitbart, Matthew Boyle

In the U.S. Senate, where the bill originated, only 5 Republicans voted against it. None were from Oklahoma – even Senator Tom Coburn joined the spending party, knowing without a doubt we will fail when the big debt ceiling fight begins again in March 2013, and we do not have the will to stop Democrat spending.

Republican Senators who voted against the legislation are Shelby (AL), Rubio (FL),  Grassley (IA), Paul (KY), Lee (UT). Kirk (IL) – did not vote, DeMint (SC) – did not vote.

So, Boehner told Senator Harry Reid to “go f— yourself.” Reid had to ask what he was “talking about.” Boehner didn’t go into detail, but repeated “go f— yourself.” How many years late is Boehner?

For the details of the tax and spend bill, visit The Lonely Conservative.


Here’s the list:

Aderholt (AL)
Akin (MO)
Amash (MI)
Amodei (NV)
Austria (OH)
Bachmann (MN)
Bachus (AL)
Bartlett (MD)
Barton (TX)
Berg (ND)
Bilirakis (FL)
Bishop (UT)
Black (TN)
Blackburn (TN)
Bonner (AL)
Boustany (LA)
Brooks (AL)
Broun (GA)
Bucshon (IN)
Burgess (TX)
Campbell (CA)
Canesco (TX)
Cantor (VA)
Capito (WV)
Carter (TX)
Cassidy (LA)
Chabot (OH)
Chaffetz (UT)
Coffman (CO)
Conaway (TX)
Cravaack (MN)
Crawford (AR)
Culberson (TX)
DesJarlais (TN)
Duffy (WI)
Duncan (SC)
Duncan (TN)
Ellmers (NC)
Farenthold (TX)
Fincher (TN)
Flake (AZ)
Fleishmann (TN)
Fleming (LA)
Flores (TX)
Forbes (VA)
Foxx (NC)
Franks (AZ)
Gardner (CO)
Garrett (NJ)
Gibbs (OH)
Gingrey (GA)
Gohmert (TX)
Goodlatte (VA)
Gosar (AZ)
Gowdy (SC)
Granger (TX)
Graves (GA)
Griffin (AR)
Griffith (VA)
Guinta (NH)
Guthrie (KY)
Hall (TX)
Harper (MS)
Harris (MD)
Hartzler (MO)
Hensarling (TX)
Huelskamp (KS)
Huizenga (MI)
Hultgren (KS)
Hunter (CA)
Hurt (VA)
Issa (CA)
Jenkins (KS)
Johnson, Sam (TX)
Jones (NC)
Jordan (OH)
King (IA)
Kingston (GA)
Labrador (ID)
Lamborn (CO)
Landry (LA)
Lankford (OK)
Lathan (IA)
Long (MO)
Lummis (WY)
Mack (FL)
Marchant (TX)
Massie (KY)
McCarthy (CA)
McCaul (TX)
McClintock (CA)
McHenry (NC)
McKinley (WV)
Mica (FL)
Miller (FL)
Mulvaney (SC)
Myrick (NC)
Neugebauer (TX)
Nugent (FL)
Nunes (CA)
Nunnelee (MS)
Olson (TX)
Palazzo (MS)
Paulsen (MN)
Pearce (NM)
Pence (IN)
Petri (WI)
Poe (TX)
Pompeo (KS)
Posey (FL)
Price (GA)
Quayle (AZ)
Rehberg (MT)
Renacci (OH)
Rigell (VA)
Rivera (FL)
Roby (AL)
Roe (TN)
Rogers (AL)
Rohrabacher (CA)
Rokita (IN)
Rooney (FL)
Roskam (IL)
Ross (FL)
Scalise (LA)
Schilling (IL)
Schmidt (OH)
Schweikert (AZ)
Scott (C)
Scott, Austin (GA)
Sensebrenner (WI)
Southerland (FL)
Stearns (FL)
Stutzman (IN)
Terry (NE)
Tipton CO)
Turner (OH)
Walberg (MI)
Walsh (IL)
Webster (FL)
West (FL)
Westmoreland (GA)
Whitfield (KY)
Wilson (SC)
Wittman (VA)
Wolf (VA)
Woodall (GA)
Yoder (KS)
Young (IN)

Barrow (GA)
Becerra (CA)
Blumenauer (OR)
Cooper (TN)
DeFazio (OR)
DeLauro (CT)
Matheson (UT)
McDermott (WA)
McIntyre (NC)
Miller (NC)
Moran (VA)
Peterson (MN)
Schrader (OR)
Scott (VA)
Smith (WA)
Visclosky (IN)

Photo Credit: Jim Miller