Hero School Bus Driver Charles Albert Poland Dead: Man Holds Child Hostage in Underground Bunker

Police know the name of the man holding a 5 or 6 year old boy hostage in his backyard bunker in Midland City, Alabama, but have not released his identity, although neighbors are talking and know plenty about this murdering nutcase. The unnamed murderer boarded a school bus, shot and killed the driver, Charles Albert Poland (66) and ran off with a boy. Neighbors say the murderer was constantly “digging” in his backyard. One man said the bunker was about 4′ wide x 6′ long x 8′ deep, and covered by several feet of sand. There are reports that Mr. Poland tried to stop the gunman, and reports that the boy hostage “fainted before he was taken.” A minister, Michael Senn, said the children on the bus ran and hid behind Destiny Church. The unidentified murderer lived in the neighborhood (ongoing updates as information becomes available): UPDATE: Murderer’s name is Jimmy Lee Dykes. He was due in court today on “menancing charges.” There is no evidence that Dykes has a connection to the boy or his family. More about Dykes here with continuing updates.

Children Hid Behind this church in Midland City, Al.

Children Hid Behind this church in Midland City, AL


UPDATE 1-31-13 @ 9:55 am CST: The little boy’s first name has been revealed to be ‘Ethan,’ so please incude Ethan in your prayers.No news overnight. The standoff continues. I can’t imagine how this little boy is being kept warm. Here’s another neighbor talking about Dykes:

On Wednesday, the day before the standoff began, Dykes was supposed to appear in court to answer to charges that he’d shot at Davis during a December argument over the dirt road that separated their homes.

Davis was in the process of moving out when his truck — hauling a trailer — dug ruts into the dirt speed bump Dykes had built up across the road.

Dykes “got mad about what he saw” — standing by the side of the road, yelling and cursing, said Davis’ mother, Claudia.

He then ran to his van, got a pistol, and fired two shots at the truck, the Davises said.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, including Claudia Davis’ 6-month-old daughter who was inside.

The Wednesday court date in nearby Ozark was for menacing, a misdemeanor that carries penalties of up to six months in jail.

UPDATE 1-30-13 @ 2:00 pm CST: Shep Smith on Fox is reporting this minute that Charles Poland, the bus driver who was murdered by Jimmy Lee Dykes yesterday, visited Poland’s house the day before he died to deliver eggs and other food items as a “thank you” for doing some repair on either his own vehicle or maybe the school bus.

UPDATE 1-30-13 @ 12:33 pm CST: Megyn Kelly has just reported that neighbors say Jimmy Lee Dykes has threatened to shoot children who come onto his property, and paroles his property with a flashlight at night.

The child has a medical condition. Police were able to get his medications down a PVC pipe that the murderer is using to communicate with authorities.

Claudia Davis, who lives on the road where the standoff was taking place, told The Associated Press: “Before this happened, I would see him at several places, and he would just stare a hole through me.”

Creel told the newspaper that the man was “the type that thinks the government’s out to get them.” Source: NBC

Prayers for Mr. Poland’s family, and for the young boy’s family and safe release. You know what I wish for the unidentified murderer and hostage-taker. Why do we not know his name? Photo Credit: The Denver Channel