Happy New Year! Bwahahahaha!

Last year on New Year’s Day I wished for you and yours, and me and mine, “love and happiness in the coming year.” I should have added “good health” to that wish. I also wished for the Senate, the House and the White House. I did have love and happiness in 2012, and good health. I hope you did too, and that it will continue in 2013, among the chaos of the continued devaluation of the dollar, higher taxes, fewer medical options at higher prices, John Kerry caring for the “State,” and anti-Semitic Chuck Hagel perhaps overseeing our Nation’s defense along with the tyranny of Janet Napolitano, and still no budget to guide our Nation. Unfortunately, none of the increased spending planned by the Obama administration will benefit anyone reading this blog, and the word “bailouts” will once again plague us, as Michelle Obama jumpstarts her exotic vacations, and Congress and all federal workers enjoy the extra dollars in their pay envelope. The hue and cry “they’re coming for our guns,” appears to be true. As you combat the gun control zealots, I suggest this be your primer. It’s worth committing to memory and never forgetting that this administration is backing the United Nation’s and their quest to neuter the U.S. in ever so many ways. In the meantime, I hear that rather than sending our Military to Iraq and Afghanistan, we will send them to combat advise and consult on the Lord’s Resistance Army (supposed Christian cult) with no hint of the brutality of Africa’s Muslim Warlords. So let’s get it on. In two years we’ll have House and Senate elections. Bwahahahaha! I will remind myself everyday that love, happiness and health are my focus – with happiness being a state-of-mind.

Happy New Year!

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  • Maggie …

    Here’s my scripture to you for the new year.

    3rd John 2 … “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

    Blessings … Carl & Peg

    • Carl, thank you so much for that beautiful verse. I know your blessings soar to On High.

  • Happy New Year, Maggie. Let’s make it a good one.

    • Larry, I plan to make it a good one in spite of the masses of idiots in this country. I’ll do what I can. You’ll do what you can, and God’s plan will prevail.

  • Happy New Year, Maggie!

    For 2013, I’ve decided to experience some of the best that life has to offer. I simply can’t read the doom and gloom on the web so much of the time — never mind that the reality is doom and gloom. I’m not giving up, but I will be more vigilant about my health, particularly my state of mind. I’ve been down in the dumps since November 7. **sigh**

    Let us cherish our beloveds in 2013. That kind of love really is the best part of life.

    • AOW, great words of wisdom. I adopted the same beginning Nov. 7th. I’m not down in the dumps – just being realistic.

  • To answer the question what would have stopped Adam Lanza? Shatterproof or Bulletproof glass in the door window he broke to gain access to the school.

    • W. C. Taqiyya

      Even better, we should put our violent prisoners in schools and our children should be educated in the safety and security of prison. Bet you never thought about that, did you? A sparkly, rose colored new year’s blessings to you Findalis. Silly person.

      • W.C Taqiyya, there is nothing “silly” about findalis. Really, is this demeaning, arrogant rhetoric necessary?

        • W. C. Taqiyya

          It’s too bad there is nothing silly about Findalis. That is disappointing, because I think everyone should have some. Maybe just a little? You know, it’s like a moderation in everything sort of thing. There should even be moderation of moderation someone once said. However, silly is a term of endearment. At least, that’s how I use it. Silly is like a feather, intended to tickle, elicit a laugh and provoke thought. Or something. I’m very depressed and hurt that you would twist it into an evil thing. <— sobbing.

          Getting back to that very serious discussion about safety and security in our schools, I would add that bulletproof vests, helmets and first aid kits for children would help. As would bullet proof walls. You see, it's not just the glass that can be pierced with bullets. Does anyone else miss the good old days of yesteryear when we had safety drills making us safe from nuclear war? Too bad the Russians didn't attack us, they would have been surprised by how ready we were. Drilling children in anti-gun-madness would be a super good. Duck and cover is good for more than just nukes. Bullet proof desks are a must. Having a fully equipped emergency room nearby might help, maybe with machine gun posts on the perimeter? I don't think there should be any limits on safety. It's for the children. Further, I agree 100% with the very serious findalis, it would be silly if we didn't make it much easier to get people we don't trust locked up. Maybe we should have a law saying that any two or three anonymous people can have another person locked up for observation? For like 90 days or so? That would be good and it would help to keep our kids safer. And, like making it a crime to crack wise on the internet. That would help a lot. People have a right not to have their feelings assaulted with harmful words. Furthermore and in conclusion, there is nothing silly about safety, let none say otherwise. If they do, lock em up.

      • Shatterproof glass on the bottom floor of a building, especially a school is a good idea.

        Children have a tendency of throwing things:

        snowballs (loaded and unloaded), baseballs, rocks, etc…

        Any of which can break a window, sending sharp shards of glass flying. What if one of those shards flies into a child’s eye. Safety first.

        BTW when I was in Elementary Schools many, many years ago. Back when Blackboards were made of slate and were black. Hail shattered a window in our classroom on the third floor. The shattered window cut 2 children.

    • findalis, it will also help to make the crime punishable by life imprisonment with no parole or death, depending on state laws. If the killer is known with certitude to have done the deed, then all else in the trial is irrelevant. We need to get on with swift and terrible punishment as a deterrent.

      • Or an easy way to commit a dangerous person.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Mags, does this post indicate an intention to develop a sense of humor? If so, may God bless you, it’s about freaking time. Yes kids, re-electing Obama does mean it’s all over. Enjoy what you can, while you can, for the drones are flying and very soon, the trains will be rolling. So to speak. LOL

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    • lj carolyn: Payback!

      • Yep, what a prick – what a shame! I wish them all what they deserve, the worst!