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Tell everyone your home is unprotected? Would you gun haters out there do that? Of course you would not. The Journal News published the names and addresses of all gun owners in two New York State counties. ProjectVeritas went into action and stopped by the homes of some in the media employed by Journal News, Star Ledger and even Lawless Attorney General Eric Holder. Don’t miss the man answered the door with his weapon tucked in his waistband.

This Home is Proudly Gun Free

This Home is Proudly Gun Free

The first homeowner identified in the video is (allegedly) Greg Shillinglaw, Multimedia Journalist for Journal News, Irvington, NY. He is asked:

We’re really hoping people will kind of lead by example in their communities for us…and advertise themselves as “this Home is Proudly Gun Free.” Can we put you down for a sign?

Mr. Shillinglaw says his neighborhood doesn’t do that kind of thing, and then he told the canvassers that “they actually published a list of all the uh – gun owners.”

[Canvassers] And we’re just doing the same thing just, it’s just people that don’t own guns. It’s just the opposite so I mean what’s the difference really?

The alleged Mr. Shillinglaw says, “I do believe in it, but think I’ll pass on it.” You betcha he will.

Next up is a woman said to be at the home of Mike Meany, Morning Breaking News for Journal News, Mamaroneck, NY. After being told the canvassers are with Citizens Against Senseless Violence, she says “I’m sorry, I can’t help.”

Next stop is identified as the home of Bob Braun, Columnist for Star Ledger, Elizabeth, NJ. He tells the canvassers he agrees with them and is on their side, but just wondering if that’s not an invitation to somebody with a gun! A woman with him is undecided. She agrees with the canvassers but is tentative. They ask if she thinks the sign would prompt someone with a gun to come after her. She says “I think, yeah.” See the end of the video for Braun’s thoughts about right-wingers and guns.

The canvassers march on, and identify Touré, MSNBC Contributor, Brooklyn, NY. He agrees with gun control, lives in a building and doesn’t know what his neighbors think on the issue, so no, no sign for Liberal.

At the alleged home of Janet Hasson, the Publisher of Journal News in Mamaroneck, NY, there is what appears to be an armed guard outside. Her husband says he can’t put the sign up because his wife works for the paper, but he will take a sign and put it up when the time is right. Right.

At the home of Liz Anderson, editor for Journal News there also seems to be armed security, but only a neighbor is speaking, who says they just want the story to go away.

At the alleged home of Alex Weisler, a reporter for Journal News, New City, NY, someone inside the home called the police, thinking the canvassers were pro-gun hasslers. The police explain it, and tells them it is unlawful to record law enforcement.

More Journal News and Star Ledger employees, more rejections. They all appreciate the effort, but they will pass, thank you very much.


Map of Criminals with Guns

Map of Criminals with Guns

Home of Eric Holder, Lawless US Attorney General, Washington, DC. Police show up. The policeman says “they’re not home right now.” He says he knows Holder will not put a sign in his yard.

Hypocrites.  In White Plains, NY a home showed-up on the Journal News list of homes with gun owners. The home was then burglarized and the gun safe was damaged. They didn’t get the guns, but they tried. Coincidence? Probably not.

Project Veritas: Citizens Against Senseless Violence Sting (video)

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