E15 Gas Approved by EPA Slammed by AAA – Carmakers Will Not Honor Warranties

Here’s some information for you to consider if your vehicle is older than a 2012 model. According to the information in the following video, the new E15 gasoline is in some gas stations now, and is surely coming to one near you. At least ten car companies are now saying they will not cover any claims of damage due to this fuel, due to E15, and it’s going to void your warranty. Some of those companies mentioned in the video which will not cover fuel-related claims are BMW, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Kia, Mercedes, and Volkswagen. These companies also are saying the use of E15 will void fuel-related warranties.


AAA is calling on the EPA to suspend the sale of E15.

Lauren Fix, the “car coach,” from AOL Auto makes these points:

• E15 is approved by the EPA and being pushed by the Government. AAA says do not use it.

• There wasn’t a lot of testing done on E15

• E15 is 15% ethanol. E-85, also in gas stations is 85% ethanol. Both E15 and E-85 are fine for flex-fuel vehicles, but there are few of them on the streets. E15 and E-85 are a danger to all other vehicles, and you risk your warranty being voided.

• There is “phase separation” when the ethanol merges with gasoline at the pump. The ethanol is heavier and goes to the bottom of the gas tank. The vehicle draws the ethanol first. Ethanol is so corrosive that it damages fuel systems and engines. When the ethanol is gone, the gasoline is drawn. There is proof that it damages fuel lines, emission systems and engines.

• Companies which manufacture fuel lines say they have brand new vehicles with rotted-out fuel systems.

• E15 Destroys Gaskets due to the corrosiveness of ethanol

• E15 is made 3 octane levels lower, 87 octane is actually 84 octane – which damages your engine because it “detonates.”

• A lot of money is changing hands. Corn subsidies are huge.

• Farmers are growing more corn fewer other agricultural products, so groceries are going up. Remember the skyrocketing price of tortillas in Mexico? Consumers will be hurt badly in severa areas.

• E15 is highly corrosive – so corrosive it has to be distributed to the gas stations in stainless steel tanks.

• From E15, you get less than one-third-energy per-gallon of gasoline that has ethanol in it compared to regular gasoline that doesn’t have ethanol. In otherwords, you go a shorter distance using ethanol. It means you are filling up at the pump more often, and you risk costly damages to your engine.

• E15 may appear to be cheaper, but it’s not and you risk costly repairs and a voided warranty

From AAA:

In June, the EPA approved the use of E15, and a handful of gas stations in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas have begun to sell this fuel. There is a strong likelihood that retailers will market E15 in additional states soon unless regulators take immediate action to protect consumers.

Nearly all of the gasoline sold in the United States today is E10, which contains up to ten percent ethanol, primarily produced from corn. The ethanol industry has lobbied hard to increase the amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline as a way to increase sales and help meet the Renewable Fuels Standard.

AAA’s concern with E15 is not about ethanol. In fact, AAA believes that ethanol-blended fuels have the potential to save Americans money and reduce the nation’s dependency on fossil fuels. The problem is that available research, including the EPA’s exhaust emissions tests, is not sufficient evidence that E15 is safe to use in most vehicles.

The ethanol industry’s response to reports of damage caused by E15 is that it is the most tested fuel in the EPA’s history. The caveat to this assertion is that while the agency did test E15, their research focused primarily on exhaust emissions and associated components such as catalytic converters. While this research was consistent with the EPA’s mission, it never fully examined whether E15 might damage engines and fuel systems

If the video disappears or will not play, view it here.

E15 Ethanol Warning (Video)
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  • I never have liked the 10% mix. Less gas mileage and in the winter, your engine doesn’t get as hot. Corn alcohol also draws moisture in your gas tank and lines. I won’t be using the new stuff. Of course I didn’t think Obama would get re-elected either.

    R.I.P. America.

    • Carl, I just hope we have a choice. Choice is disappearing from our reality.

  • I work in the automotive industry and I can tell you everything you have listed about E15 and ethanol is true. More than a few times, we have seen vehicles come into our shop with driveability problems, ie. running bad, check engine light on, etc. and discover it was because the fuel they were running contained a greater amount of ethanol than even 15%. It is not good on the engines and it is especially bad on small engines, such as lawn mowers and weed eaters.

    We have the corn lobbyists and the EPA to thank for this junk they are passing off as fuel.

    • LD, thanks for the insider confirmation. We are like sheep led to the slaughter. Think of all the people who never read and will never hear a word about this.

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  • Somebody I respect in the car world told me never use that stuff over ten years ago, said it eats the fuel lines and other internal motor issues- and here we are

    As a lifelong car nut, made plenty sense to me, glad I listened to him

    But something tells me Obama didn’t have a cool American car in high school, has never touched a wrench, and of course is too arrogant to listen to anybody- thus another ‘green’ debacle from this power drunk imbecile

    • ReaganiteRepublicanResistance, I though we established the dangers of ethanol a couple of years ago, and was surprised the EPA is still hawking it. Even Willie Nelson doesn’t talk about it anymore. We need farmers to say ‘no’ to subsidies. Wouldn’t that be a shock?

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  • The once greatest country on earth is growing food for cars. That is insane!

    • Hi Jim, not only are we growing food for cars, we are stealing food out of the mouths of Americans, and when there is food, it costs more.

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