Doctors NOT Required to Ask About Guns: Tell Doc to Mind His Own Business

Hey little boy, how many guns does Daddy have? Through Executive Order No. 16, Barack Obama directed the clarification that Doctors are not prohibited from asking a patient about firearms and their safe storage, or about threats of violence or mental instability. In other words, ObamaCare does not prohibit any of the above. It also does not “regulate” any of the above. What is not said is that there is nothing to keep the patient from telling his/her physician to mind his/her own business.

Pediatricians and Your Child

Pediatricians and Your Child

“The Administration will issue guidance clarifying that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit or otherwise regulate communication between doctors and patients, including about firearms.” Source: Newsmax

In a post a few days ago, I related an incident that happened when I took my 91-year-old Mother to the ER last week. She had a fever for 5 days or so. We thought she had the flu, although she  did receive the flu vaccine. When her fever persisted we went to the ER. She had pneumonia – no flu. The nurse said she was forced to asked Mother if she was suicidal, and/or if she was being threatened by anyone. To be clear, Mother had no bruises, cuts, nothing suspicious, just a fever and she felt terrible.

That was a time when I could have said,”it’s none of your business.” Mother could have said it as well. It was easier to let my shocked Mother answer emphatically, ‘no,’ and tell the nurse in her own words how offensive it was to be asked. The nurse understood and basically said ‘they made me do it.’

So what will you do when your pediatrician asks your little girl, “how many guns does Daddy have?” Michelle Malkin was on with Megyn Kelly today and said this happened to her in the pediatrician’s office with her child a few years ago. She told him it was none of his business and   changed doctors immediately. Photo Credit

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  • The first doctor who asks me about my guns will get a punch in the face, and notified that I will be seeing another doctor in the future.

    • findalis, don’t hit him/her. You know what that will mean – he/she will turn you in as mentally unstable and a threat to humanity. You’ll be institutionalized and then I’ll be missing you. With all sincerity, I believe we must be careful because we don’t want a doctor mad at us. We have to just keep a big smile, walk out the door and never come back.

  • Ran

    Funny. My doc handed me a form a few years ago that asked a lot of nosey questions. “NOYB.” Gotta say, he took it well. I expect he knows better than to ask. My daughters are furious: both can hardly wait to hit the legal carry age.

    Maggie – I have a question about this insanity in light of Roe. Did not RvW enshrine the privacy of a physician’s communications with her client – you know, the “penumbra” of privacy?

    This is nuts… she has the right to kill her baby but not the duty to protect herself or her family? They have it all bass ackwards.

    • Ran, that’s a great question. I don’t know the answer, and I don’t remember the details of RvW, but I bet you’re right. Problem is, with a King, nothing is enshrined except his rear-end on the throne. I think it’s well worth looking into. But yes, we can kill our child but not protect our families. He can work for infanticide, but put you into a mental institution as a threat to family and friends if he can find out who you are. He’ll find a way.

  • Any doctor that asks me about guns is going to get an earful from me. They need to mind their own damn business and learn to have some strength and fortitude to tell the government to buzz off cause its none of their business.

    • Teresa, that is the issue. They need to tell the government they will not be put in that situation.

  • FUBO

    Although you may have a safe full of firearms just tell the Dr. that you don’t have any guns. Obama is going to use his healthcare law to remove all guns in order to get healthcare. You could see this one coming from a mile away.

    Do what the Imam does… lie…fib…play ignorant… frustrate… RESIST!

    Never help Imam Obama but make his well oiled socialist machine pay the price daily by throwing rocks into his gears. Frustrate the bureaucracy as they seek information to feed to their superiors. Never give in make them crawl through 100 miles of broken glass to get the truth then say you just didn’t understand.

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