Boy Wounds Intruder with AR-15: R.C. Soles Anti-Gun Politician Shoots “Client” – More to Soles Story

The 15-year old boy is the son of a deputy “constable” in the Houston area. He and his 12 year old sister were alone in the home. He grabbed his father’s AR-15 and pulled the trigger. The gun did not shoot by itself, contrary to the usual liberal screed. The gun was used to do what it is intended to do, protect the owner. In North Carolina, State Senator R. C. Soles, a Democrat and an attorney, with a long record of supporting anti-gun legislation, shot at two men, former clients, on his property, hitting one of them with his personally-owned weapon. A gun for me but not for thee. Soles has an ugly history beyond the story of shooting a man who clearly should not have been on his property. Read it below. See a video report below on the Houston boy protecting his family.

After the Houston-area break-in, where a window was broken, an adult and a juvenile showed up at a hospital. The adult had at least three gunshot wounds. Apparently, the juvenile was not wounded. He had a police-escorted walk through the property where his buddy was shot.

The deputy’s home in a very attractive neighborhood, along with a next door neighbor’s home, was recently burgarlized and according to the video below “they stole everything” in those robberies.

Paul Ali Slater

Paul Ali Slater

In Georgia, a woman was home with her nine-year-old twins. She was forced to take the children into an attic crawl space with her husband on the phone with her. He had just taught her how to operate the 38-caliber weapon. She shot the man 5 times, and came out of the crawl space screaming at him. The invader fled the scene, but is in-hospital in ICU, shot in the face among other wounds. The invader is identified as Paul Ali Slater.

In October 2012, a 12 year old Oklahoma girl (6th grade) was home alone. The girl called her mother to

Stacey Jones

Stacey Jones

told her “go get the .40 caliber Glock and hide in a bathroom closet. She did so. The man kicked in the door. When she saw the closet door knob turn, she fired through the door and wounded Stacey Jones. Police were waiting for him as he exited the home, bleeding.

Two months ago, a 79-year old Indiana man shot a 19 year old who was beating his granddaughter. The attacker approached the grandfather threatening him with a stun gun. The grandfather shot once. The attacker fled the home and died in the yard.

I could fill pages with stories like these coming from Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma and Indiana.

R.C. Soles’ sordid history may show why he was anti-gun – a gun for he, but not for me. Many people may have wished him harm. He was charged, 4 times, with aiding  the obtaining of payoffs for a County Commissioner from undercover FBI, as well as charged with perjury. He was eventually acquitted of three of the charges and perjury. It’s not clear how the fourth charge was resolved.

The two reportedly “former clients” of Soles went to his lakeside home and tried to get him to come to the door. When beating on the door didn’t work, they drove a truck up on the grass and spun the wheels. Soles opened the door with a gun. The wounded man said he said he put his hands up and turned to walk away when Soles fired.

After an investigation by a special prosecutor from N. C. Attorney General Roy Cooper’s Department of Justice, a Columbus County grand jury indicted the 75-year-old Soles in January on a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. Soles claimed he was acting in self-defense because Blackburn, 22, and Wright, 23, tried to kick in the door to his house and would not leave the premises.

In February, prosecutors worked out a plea agreement with Soles. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, paid $1,000 in court costs, and was free to return to his law practice and his seat in the General Assembly. Following his plea agreement, Soles told reporters he did not call 911 but instead called the Tabor City police chief on a personal telephone number. Read the entire story here.

In 2009 (a busy year for Soles), a 47 year old man alleged Soles had sexually abused him in the “lakeside” home, when the man was 13 years old, saying the relationship went on for 6 months.

R.C. Soles Mugshot

R.C. Soles Mugshot

WWAY-TV in Wilmington has reported that, over a period of years, the Tabor City 911 dispatcher has received numerous calls regarding violent encounters between Soles and young men, either at his law office or his home.

Soles placed some of the calls, sometimes bypassing the 911 system altogether and calling the mobile phones of Tabor City police officers. The News & Observer of Raleigh reported in October that during one two-week period in 2008, police went to Soles’ home seven times…

Jay told CJ [Carolina Journal] that he decided to come forward recently after seeing several news stories about Soles’ interactions with young men.

This story about Soles gives this warning:graphic sexual content and strong language and may not be appropriate for some readers.”  When you live in a smutty, dark world, you naturally need a gun. Politicians know we clearly understand the Second Amendment is intended to protect us from their tryanny, and sometimes, their violent crimes.

15-Year-Old Shoots Home Invaders, Protects His 12 Year Old Sister (video)

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