Bill O’Reilly Colin Powell: Powell Wants No Voter ID Yet Sent Soldiers Out to Die for Freedom to Vote

Our Freedom comes from God, from our Constitution and the way we ensure that freedom constitutionally is through our right to vote, one vote for one person. O’Reilly’s interview with Colin Powell last night is receiving a lot of attention, mostly due to Powell’s vote for Obama twice, because he felt Obama had the best economic plan. Well, yes wouldn’t he think that – twice? He tried to point out that O’Reilly was a racist because he pounded the fact that Blacks and minorities were worse off under Obama, and according to Powell he didn’t vote as a Black, he voted as a person, or something like that. O’Reilly quoted Powell’s own words on the minority issue, so that put that to bed, but the real bit of news here is that Colin Powell is in the tank for no voter ID other than the day you register to vote. He is full-out Progressive. Once you register and walk into the polls and tell them who you are, voting officials are to believe you, and hand you the ballot. Powell contends there is no “study” to show fraud of any significance. He even said it with a straight face. That’s like saying to your doctor when you must provide your Social Security Number and photo ID, I’m telling you who I am and you have no right to ask for further identification – now give me my exam. That’s like telling the American Airline ticket agent, I gave you information when I booked online. You haven’t the right to ask to actually see it. I won’t go through all the many, many times we MUST PROVE who we are. This is disgraceful coming from a man who sent soldiers out to fight and die for our freedom, because as we all know only too well, they fight for our right to remain free one vote at a time, one vote, one person, not for the right of some to cheat to vote.

Bill O'Reilly (L) - Colin Powell (R)

Bill O’Reilly (L) – Colin Powell (R)

Every so-called “republic,” including especially banana republics, stuff the ballot box. Take a look at Venezuela. Do you really think ordinary Venezuelans voted to have their television and radio stations seized, shut down or nationalized?

Begin loose and partial transcript which begins at about 4:30-in:

Powell: You can’t have policies that make it harder for minorities to vote. I think one of the most terrible things to happen in the past election season is when we had a number of states going out of their way, claiming there was outright fraud when there really wasn’t any fraud to be of concern to us, but we were doing things to make it more difficult for those people to vote.

O’Reilly: The voter ID – you object to showing an identification card when you vote.

Powell: No

O’Reilly: Well, that’s all the Republican Party wants, just a voter ID

Powell: I object to putting in place additional levels of voter ID, that…

O’Reilly: One

Powell:…that disenfranchise those of our fellow citizens. I want to see a Republican Party that rather than making it more difficult and restricting the number of days and hours you can vote, a Republican Party that says we want everyone to vote and we’re going to give you a reason to vote for us.

O’Reilly: All right. If asking or an ID is trying to restrict the vote, I’m sorry. You should be able to prove who you are before you cast a ballot.

Powell: No, you should be able to prove who you are when you register to vote, and when you make the proper registeration, identify yourself, you shouldn’t have to go to a higher level to identify yourself.

O’Reilly: But surely you know how fraud is committed in Boston and Chicago…you show up and it’s not you.

Powell: I’ve not seen any study that says fraud is a problem of such significance that these kinds of procedures were in place, and I’m glad to see that Governor Scott has said he is turning the issue back over to the local community…

O’Reilly: Showing an ID to vote is a bare minimum

End transcript

Bill O’Reilly Colin Powell – Voter ID – Powell Doesn’t Like It! (video)

  • Powell is a moonbat. He was involved in those secret back channel communications to find a way to legitimise the PLO jihad terrorists. If only Arafat would just “say the right words”.

    We know how that turned out. Israel and Americans are still paying for that foolish foreign policy blunder. Obama is chomping at the bit to do the same thing with Hamas. If they can get them to just “say the right words”.

    • John, yes and why didn’t it wake up our pols when Palestine refused to change their charters and constitution? Colin Powell didn’t utter a word about it.He accepted it as a great triumph.

  • Powell is able to help Democrats most by staying RINO. He claims he didn’t support McCain because his running mate, a sitting governor with a proven record, wasn’t qualified to be Vice President while Obama, with no record of any type of accomplishment was qualified to be President. Powell was also tired of being scorned in the black community. After all, he’s a retired 4-star and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Sec of State and deserves to be held in high esteem by his “own people”. Supporting Obama solely because he’s black has earned him the standing with the black community he longs for.

    • BobF, excellent point. Powell has betrayed the very principles of individual liberation that got him where he is today. –

  • brs

    ” This is disgraceful coming from a man who sent soldiers out to fight and die for our freedom…”

    Not even loosely familiar with this whole USA thing, ha? Generals don’t send kids into battle. The POSTUS does.

    And voter ID is just a strategy to keep blacks and poor people in urban areas form voting because they tend to vote Dem and don’t have drivers’ licenses. Voting isn’t a priority for these people, and they’re not going to go through the trouble and expense of getting a license or equivalent ID so they can help decide which ass hole is going to screw them over less. The reality and details of what actually happens as a result of these laws does matter. Unless you’re benefiting – then just worry about fraud and pretend the law won’t disenfranchise anyone (anyone who matters, right? win,wink – nudge,nudge!).

    It’s very smart – exaggerate a problem (voter fraud) and then come up with a “solution” that just happens to disenfranchise people who usually don’t vote for you anyway. All coincidence I’m sure.

  • brs

    “Not even loosely familiar with this whole USA thing, ha? Generals don’t send kids into battle. The POSTUS does.”

    I should amend this, actually. The congress SHOULD be the one sending kids into battle with a declaration of war. But as our country has slid into authoritarian worship, we have empowered the POTUS to make decisions about war that he should not have.

    • brs, are you familiar with how one becomes a General? How did Lieutenant Powell earn his Purple Heart in Vietnam? What is it you think he did as a Battalion Commander in Korea? You think he didn’t believe the free and absolute right to vote for the leader of his country was one of his most important rights – in fact, the most important because without it he would not have the right to worship or the right to free speech, or the right to self-defense. Powell is spouting Democrat talking points, all for the cause of the First Black American President. Shameful.

      • brs

        You said he “sent” them into war. I’m saying that the military doen’t make the decision to attack countries – but whatever. And I love how everyone’s service is wonderful until we disagree with their politics.

        The “solution” to voter fraud is medicine that’s worse than the disease! Just about every study done on the matter shows that voter ID laws as they currently exist disenfranchise people. That’s a fact, not an opinion. So the question becomes: Is it worth it to stop a large amount of people from voting to remedy a problem that has not been well demonstrated? At the very least, this discussion should be weighing of which option is worse.

        If we did that, there would be not voter ID laws. OR, the laws could only happen is someone figured out a way to implement the w/o discouraging many people form voting.

        But the whole point of the laws is getting poor and black people not to vote because they vote democratic. It’s as simple as that

        • brs, I have always believed his service was stellar. It’s his politics that betray the belief that our Military keeps us free. I don’t know what studies you cite, but it’s ridiculous to think that whipping out a photo ID disenfranchises anyone. Every red state has offered some solution for those not having driver’s licenses. They will pick you up and tote you to the agency to get a valid ID. We don’t have voter ID laws because Democrats don’t want them. It’s as simple as knowing that Democrats can be ineligible persons to vote, often more than once. That’s how simple it is.