Beginning 2013 Without Feedburner: What Will Kaspersky Do Now?

I am beginning 2013 without a Feedburner account. My account was officially deleted this morning, January 1, 2013. A few days ago I explained in a post that an anti-virus program located in Moscow, Russia (Kaspersky) is telling readers that Maggie’s Notebook is a dangerous place to visit. Readers running Kaspersky on their computers received various messages from them, blaming some connection to Feedburner, my avatar (the Liberty Bell, no worries now a new version even though they look the same) and phishing (can you imagine my site a phishing site???). I know there were other concerned readers who abandoned ship and moved on. Some received a warning when visiting blogs which link to Maggie’s Notebook. Some took the time to tell the blog owner about it, and they alerted me.


My hosts and beloved “IT guys” at SunAnt checked everything immediately and this site was/is clean. I did the same. I also manually deleted all Feedburner links on my blogroll and replaced them with another option, thanks to my friend and fellow blogger at Political Realities. I have contacted Kaspersky about the false warnings. Please read my original post with the details here and note that while Feedburner is owned by Google, Google abandoned all maintenance of the service in September 2012.

I understand that Kaspersky is an excellent and sophisticated anti-virus program, so I thank a reader for leaving the following comment on my original post (linked above):

Kaspersky has a huge reputation in the AntiVirus market. They are at the top of the list for most geeks out there. I work as an IT person, and if I visit your sight during the day, it has to go through not only a scan by our AntiVirus software (VIPRE), but also our firewall software (SonicWall)… neither has found anything. The firewall would have blocked the site totally if it found anything.

My guess is that it is pulling a false find. It does happen at one time or another… these companies are constantly updating their definitions, and sometimes they aren’t tested thoroughly.

So, if you were subscribed to my email subscription, your service will continue uninterrupted. Yesterday you may have received a post separately from the daily digest, as well as the old Feedburner digest. That was corrected last night and today all subscribers should receive one email per day, at about 5 a.m.

If you read this blog in a reader, I’m asking you to resubscribe by clicking the orange RSS icon in my right sidebar (Grab My Feed). My apologies for the inconvenience.

Issues just like mine are happening across the conservative blogosphere. If you are warned-away from a site you are familiar with, by Kaspersky or Chrome or any other browser or service, I encourage you to contact the blog publisher. It’s a mean world out there and only a Liberal troll would report me for phishing. As MOTUS reminded me, Mondo Frasier at Death by 1000 Papercuts, gave up his very successful blog and walked away after Google’s Chrome browser branded him with their big red WARNING (this just after he published The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama). Mondo appealed to Google, equating to eliminating in the ocean and expecting the water to rise (read that on Twitter related to Piers Morgan…can’t remember who to credit). Maybe he is writing elsewhere on the InterTubes. I hope so.

Once again, I hope you will click my RSS icon in my right sidebar to subscribe in a reader, and I welcome any feedback on my new service if you are receiving my posts by email. Thanks again to Proof Positive, Michelle Obama’s Mirror, GaltStock, Political Realities and my dear friends in Colorado for the heads-up. Photo Credit: Mom Crunch (read more about Feedburner’s demise here).

Linked at Dustbury in “Off Their Feed” – thank you!


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  • Actually, the RSS icon is in the right sidebar. I moved it underneath the new email subscription form.

    • Thanks, LD. I was thinking maybe this was like stage right or stage left and I just hadn’t cracked the code yet. However, being the smart poodle that I am, I found the button. 😉

      • No problem, Adrienne. Although, the image you are using for your gravatar looks more like a Yorkie than a Poodle. 😉

        • That’s my little girl, Elle. She passed away almost four years ago. It may be time to replace Elle with our current beautiful pugtzu, Frankie.

          “Poodle” is just such a wonderfully funny word to call people.

      • Adrienne, thanks for clicking!

    • Oops, thanks Larry and Adrienne! Fixed

  • I have no idea of 90% of what you speak (I’m a “need-to-know” kind of person and I’ve never needed to know any of this stuff.)

    I’ve never received any warnings when coming here, but……….I dutifully deleted you from my Google reader and resubscribed. I’m such an obedient child.

    Happy New Year!

    • Adrienne, I know a bit about this stuff, but how to fix it ranges in the 1% range. I am so grateful to other bloggers who notified me and who helped discover what needed to be done.

  • Done, my friend. Sucks that we have to go through these motions because they can’t win in the arena of ideas. Carry on and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • neenergyobserver, thanks so much, and yes, it definitely is beyond irritating that when it happens and you have no way to converse with the accuser. Happy New Year to you!

  • I always check to see where my software is produced. I try to stick to the good old US.

    • Woodsterman, you are the true all-American guy. I can see it in your glasses 🙂 I hope you had a great Christmas and will do well in 2013.

  • Maggie … it’s all Greek to me. Remember, you had to help me with my blog. All I know about is how to find your site … (#1 by the way) … and I have no plans to stop, stopping by every day. So, if you had trouble … glad it’s over now. Blessings dear one …

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  • I have used Kaspersky since I got my new laptop, and it has worked fine until now. I haven’t seen any warning before, and honestly, I haven’t heard about Feedburner’s death neither… okay, maybe I am not up2date, but I still can’t get it how your site could have been marked as ‘dangerous’…was it really Kaspersky?

    • bonooobong, everyone who has reported this to me has said it is a Kaspersky warning, first phishing, second feedburner and third my Liberty Bell avatar. I don’t know what is going on, but thanks for your feedback. At least not everyone with Kaspersky is getting warned off.