Asylum Watch Evolves from Conservatives on Fire

Jim at Conservatives on Fire is taking his blog of thoughtful commentary on conservatism and how to take America back, “one bit at a time,” to a new mission, by switching his focus to watching the “asylum,” which naturally garners a new name. Conservatives on Fire is now Asylum Watch (the url remains the same).


On facing today’s reality (a snippet from introducing Asylum Watch):

Over the years, our political elite have written tens of thousands of laws and hundreds of thousands of regulations. many if not most of those laws and regulations are beyond the enumerated powers in our beloved constitution and those empowered to govern in America will continue to write more and more laws and more and more regulations. They have created a Leviathan that can not be uncreated…

I intend to write more about what those with the power doing wherever in the world they are doing it because it will affect us sooner or later. And so, I needed to change the name of this blog to reflect the content readers will find here. The name I came up with is Asylum Watch because it’s a crazy world out there. In short, I want to expand the conversation that we conservatives (freedom lovers) are having beyond the left/right struggle of American politics to include other threats to our way of life that are being perpetrated by those with power both inside of and outside of our own borders.

Whatever Jim’s topic or focus, you can be assured that his subject has received his full attention. The asylum of world power mongers, and the sheeple who willingly hand over their treasure to them, and empower them, should be aware, you are under the microscope and being revealed, warts, pustules and all. If Conservatives on Fire is on your blogroll, remember to update to Asylum on Watch, and if you read around the blogosphere and haven’t visited Jim, do so here. I think you’ll like what you read.

  • You’re the best, Maggie. Thank you for the kind words. Since we have no choice but to live in a world run by the insane, we may as well try to see what insanity they have instore for us next and from where in the world the blowback will come.