Arabs With Camels Lose – But Who Wins? Superbowl Coca Cola Ad

Arabs are outraged. The band of bedouins with camels clearly will lose the chase. Will it be the Cowboys (cattle rustlers, maybe), the Mad-Max-types, the Vegas Show girls, or maybe…the guys with the camels come out on top…somehow, some way. Did I mention, Arabs are outraged.

Coca Cola Superbowl Chase23013

Coca Cola Superbowl Chase23013


Superbowl Coke Chase 2013

Linked at Grumpy Opinions – take a look of how the trust in government has declined in only two years.

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  • Of course Arabs are outraged! They in a perpetual state of outrage.

    Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it.

    • AOW, Camels can actually run fairly fast, about 40-45 mph but only for short distances. I’ve read they can maintain 25mph for long distances. The problem is obviously the driver 🙂 A horse might do 25 mph but only for a very short period at a time. I believe Camels protest their freaky masters.