Andrea Mitchell Depressed – Eric Pratt Explains 1st and 2nd Amendments: It’s Delicious!

Day after day we see common sense Conservatives explain the The Delcaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights to the looney Left holding down anchor seats with nothing but air between their ears. Eric Pratt of Gun Owners of America explains the First and Second Amendments to Andrea Mitchell, who for just one moment, thought she had him. Here’s the video:

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America

Andrea Mitchell with Eric Pratt on Freedom, American-style (video)
Thanks to Fox Nation! Graphic Credit Visit Gun Owners of America here.

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  • Smack down big time.. but I bet she couldn’t clear the ear wax to hear what he was saying..

    • David, he did it so gently though, and so thoroughly 🙂

  • Very well said. Excellent vid and graphic.

    • Opus, I love that graphic. Bet the number is much bigger today.

  • Excellent! However, I would that after Eric left the set, she commented to her producer that he(Eric)just does not get it. These people will never admit they are wrong.

    • Jim, I think you’re right. As I said she’s not too bright, but I think she knew she had been had, her producers knew too.

  • How many guards with guns protect Andrea while she’s in that studio?

    • Woodsterman, she works at 30 Rock. I know first hand, the place is crawling with armed security.

  • Ran


    When will Mitchell have her David Mamet epiphany?

    • Ran, it won’t happen for Mitchell. Honestly, the woman isn’t bright enough.

  • Ricci Moore

    Well, Andrea has been depressing me for years, so I am glad to see her stupid, commie chickens coming home to roost.