Al Jazeera Comes to New York: Al Gore Sells Out to Oil Rich Qatar

Al Jazeera has bought Al Gore’s Current TV. They will open offices in New York City and visit living rooms across the U.S. as Al Jazeera America. In Summer 2012, the former Vice President said America needed “an American spring — you know, the Arab spring,” Gore’s Current TV co-owner said of those interested in purchasing the struggling cable programming, Al Jazeera:

“…was founded with the same goals we had for Current,” Hyatt wrote. “Al Jazeera, like Current, believes that facts and truth lead to a better understanding of the world around us.” Source: Forbes


Al Gore and Joel Hyatt

Al Gore and Joel Hyatt

Since Current TV has been a joke since it’s founding, and Gore’s hawking of carbon credits went south a few years ago, this sale may have been important to him. Who better than the oil-rich country of Qatar who owns Al Jazeer, for Gore to sell to? He’s a serial-liar (known and sanctioned in Islam as Taquiyya) who stated in 2009 that “oil” is “leading to potentially catastrophic global warming” and worse, that the “science is settled.” In 2008 he complained that we were borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf that will “destroy our planet,” all the while, peddling his carbon credits.

Keith Olbermann and his “Olbermann Broadcasting EMPIRE” sued Current TV for $50 to $70 Million for firing him. Olbermann reportedly told David Letterman “the nice judge will decide if I get more of my money.”  I see no reporting on a settlement or verdict on the April 2012 lawsuit.

Current TV is in only about 50 million homes with dynamic hosts like Eliot Spitzer and Joy Behar. Surely Al Jazeera will keep these dazzling personalities on-air and find a way to tip-toe into your home and teach your children about the mercies of Islam. I can’t wait to see Joy all burkahed-up. Read more at Hot Air. Photo Credit: CineSource



  • Terry_Jim

    CurrentTV becomes ‘Algore Jazeera’
    – from Moonbat network to Crescent Moonbat network.

    • Terry_Jim, that’s about it.

  • This is news? He did this in 2000.

    • findalis, are you saying the sale happened in 2000? That’s not what I’m reading.

      • Not the sale, but Al Gore selling out to Qatar.

        • findalis, what was the connection to Qatar in 2000. I missed it. Maybe he sold them carbon credits LOL!

          • The Emir and his family have been close to the Gore family. He donated to his campaign and even was able to get illegal donations to the Gore campaign.

            • Plus the Emir was instrumental in helping Gore set up his Carbon Credits scheme.

  • I just read this morning that Glenn Beck offered to buy Current last year, but the offer was rejected. LOL, what moe rons!

    They were told that “the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view,’ according to a person familiar with the negotiations.”

    Heree’s the link:–finance.html

    • sandstone – hi and Happy New Year! Al Gore’s legacy is so wrapped up in bloviating, so many ridiculous comments to quote. He is about money, and putting people like himself at the top of the pyramid with the plebes at the bottom. From his tobacco-growing history, selling carbon credits and selling to oil magnates because they share the same vision – what a piece of work.