Age to Age His Glory Appears: Hillsong by Brooke Fraser

My friend and Christian blogger Carl Middleton left this on my Facebook page. I hope you will take a few minutes to rest your mind and spirit in this video of Age to Age His Glory Appears from Hillsong, sung by Brooke Fraser, written by Marty Sampson and Darlene Zschech.

“I look to the skies, hear the Angels cry, singing Holy is the Lord”

 Hillsong, Brook Fraser: Age to Age His Glory Appears

  • Maggie … I wish all men (and women) everywhere would use their talent for the Lord like Brook Fraser and Hillsong does. God has given each of us so much, a little praise each day wouldn’t hurt.

    I hope this song of praise uplifts all who watch and listen.

    Blessings Maggie … you’re the best. Thank you so much for you friendship and support.

    • Carl, oh that I could sing like Brook. What a blessing to have a beautiful voice. You have a beautiful voice and I hear it in your weekly postings. Thank you as well for your friendship and support and the important work that you do.

  • montanaconserv

    Thanks for the post.. what a lovely song!

    • montanaconserv, you are most welcome. Carl finds many beautiful things for me.

  • “Beautiful for situation, the Joy of the Whole Earth. . .” tks Maggie.
    Praise God in Christ – always.

    • lj carolyne, thank you 🙂