Accepting Pedophiles and all Varied Paraphilia: Hebe and Epheb

In August 2011 I posted an article titled Academia Normalizing Pedophiles With Minor-Attracted Persons: Hebephile, Ephebophiles and Pedophiles. The Hebes and the Ephebs were new to me. “Hebe” was the goddess of youth and cupbearer for the gods; Epheb, also from Greek mythology, and generally referring to an adolescent, but who knew this ancient mythololgy could legitimize the abuse of our children in the 21st Century. I missed most talk radio this week, but a reader emailed and told me Rush Limbaugh was talking about Academia and Pedophilia and their attempts to drag it into accepted mainstream thinking, and the reader kindly mentioned my 2011 article. You see, if your are one of these three “philes,” Ped, Epheb or Hebe, it is simply your sexual orientation, (certainly not a crime except in the eyes of the unreasonable). (See and Update below)

Normalizing Pedophilia, Hebephilia, Ephebophilia

Normalizing Pedophilia, Hebephilia, Ephebophilia

Stacey McCain responded to Rush’s conversation this week by quoting his own article in The Washington Times in April 2002:

Promoting pedophilia
Attempts to legitimize adult-child sex on rise

By Robert Stacy McCain

A new book that says child molesters are not a major peril to children is part of a larger movement within academia to promote “free sexual expression of children.”

The movement to legitimize sex between adults and children is “gathering steam,” warns Stephanie Dallam, researcher for the Leadership Council for Mental Health, Justice and the Media in Philadelphia, an organization that deals with prevention and treatment of child abuse.

“Some people view children as the next sexual frontier,” Ms. Dallam says.

Feminist writer Judith Levine’s book “Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Kids from Sex” has been condemned by those who say she excuses sexual abuse of children – a charge she strongly denies.
Ms. Levine says she was “misunderstood” after a news article last month quoted her saying a boy’s sexual experience with a priest “conceivably” could be positive.

From McCain’s article dated January 11, 2013, referring to Judith Levine’s book referenced above:

[Levine] said, “The research shows us that in some minority of cases, young – even quite young – people can have a positive sexual experience with an adult. That’s what the research shows.”

Featuring a foreword by Clinton administration Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Ms. Levine’s book endorses a Dutch law, passed in 1990, that effectively lowered the age of consent to 12. Ms. Levine cites research about “happy consensual sex among kids under 12,” and writes: “America’s drive to protect kids from sex is protecting them from nothing. Instead, often it is harming them.” Read more…

Hebephilias are those who have a sexual preference for children in the early years of puberty, ages 10-14.  Ephebophilias prefer children in the later years of adolescence. Pedophiles prefer prepubescent children. At this conference, there will be an effort to establish whether or not hebephilia is a mental disorder.  Put them all together and this group is known as paraphilias.

My 2011 article centered around an August 2011 conference to exchange ideas WITH “minor-attracted persons,” sponsored by B4U-ACT, a group of paraphilia activists. The American Psychiatric Association stated that it is important to have “accurate and complete scientific information” on the Ped, the Hebes and the Ephebs. Are the three a mental disorder, or are they not (note that Ephebophilia, attraction to older adolescents, is not considered a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association) .

At the 2011 conference, Dr John Z. Sadler, a professo of Medical Ethics and Psychiatry, spoke on “Decriminalizing Mental Disorder Concepts – Pedophilia as an Example.” His time at the podium examined this:

(2) If Pedophilia and related categories are to be preserved as legitimate, nonmorally value-laden disorders, then they require a preponderance of nonmorally-value-laden diagnostic descriptors in their diagnostic criteria.

B4U-ACT makes it clear that being sexually attracted to minors is an attraction the adult does not choose to have. It just happens. We don’t know why diagnostically, and/or the person is a victim of a mental disorder, but Dr. Fred Berlin, quoted on the B4U-ACT website, clearly normalizes child predators:

Individuals whose sexual orientation is directed toward children manifest the same range of personality, temperamental, and character traits as individuals whose sexual orientation is directed toward adults. A recentJournal article documented that the vast majority of individuals with pedophilia showed no evidence of either antisocial or narcissistic personality disorder. It may be no easier for a person with pedophilia to change his or her sexual orientation than it is for a homosexual or heterosexual individual to do so.

Fred Berlin, M.D.
National Institute for the Study, Prevention, and Treatment of Sexual Trauma

The key here is Dr. John Sadler’s quest to put paraphilias into a “nonmorally value-laden disorder,” and to achieve that goal, we need “nonmorally-value-laden diagnostic descriptors” to properly put the paraphilia into a normal sexual orientation.

Rush Limbaugh explains a Guardian (UK) article:

The argument being made in the piece is that the desire for sex with children is a natural part of the human condition.  And, in fact, if we acknowledge it, and encourage it, we can actually somehow better protect children.  That’s in the story, too.  It’s the same thinking, if you remember back in the nineties, when we were told that kids are going to have sex, you can’t stop them.  And that’s why we needed to give away condoms in the schools.

Remember we had stories from Long Island about parents who said that they willingly let their daughters’ boyfriends spend the night because it was better if their daughter was gonna have sex in a clean bedroom rather than the backseat of a car.  Well, same thing here.  We can better protect children if we know that they’re having sex with adults rather than it being done on the sly…

In fact, the article in the Guardian actually quotes some academics. (For those of you in Rio Linda, that’s college professor types.  These are the people you see that have leather arm patches on their sport coats.)  Academics are quoted in the Guardian piece saying that sex with adults does not hurt children.  Normalization.  So Jon Henley decided he’d write a whole piece on this, normalizing pedophilia, where he quotes extensively and looks into it and finds out what this is all about.  Read more at Rush Limbaugh 

“Normalization” has to be great news, offering hope to pedophile priests and pastors across the globe, fathers who have abused their own children in this heinous way, female teachers who rape their young adolescent male students, and as Rush says, Jerry Sandusky. Once “nonmorally value-laden descriptors” are decided upon, published and sanctioned with the help of the American Psychiatric Association, The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) can crawl back out of their dark hole…oh but wait, maybe they didn’t make it all the way underground. The NAMBLA website, with childish colors and a sweet print of two young boys smeared with mud from playtime, lounging on a log near a seaport, greets visitors.

From Boston Magazine May 2001:

Boys flocked to the three-story, wood-shingled house on Mountain Avenue in Revere for the teenage version of the Holy Grail: an endless supply of beer and weed. Being drunk and stoned made everything-from the air hockey to the movie watching-significantly more enjoyable. There was also money to be had. The pocket cash came from the local men, who especially liked it when the local boys (hustlers, gay teens, straight teens) lounged around the house with their shirts off.

Then there were smiles all around.

There was also sex. The boys had sex with each other. The boys had sex with the men. All of this was done quietly, because neighbors would later say that they didn’t see or hear anything unusual coming from the house. There were no naked boys loitering in the doorway, no drunken men stumbling in the back yard, no obvious signs of depravity. It was a normal house, the neighbors thought, until they learned that it wasn’t.

In June 1977, police arrested the house’s owner and announced that it was the national headquarters of a sordid, pornographic sex ring. It was a stretch to call it a “ring,” but Suffolk County District Attorney Garrett Byrne declared that the arrests were just “the tip of the iceberg.” There had to be other perverted people in other wood-shingled houses. And Byrne had a way to catch them: A hotline people could call with anonymous tips about molesters…

Everybody was talking about the case, which led to the indictments of 24 men. During an interview on a Boston television station, poet and outspoken boy-lover Allen Ginsberg joked about the scandal. “I had sex when I was 8 with a man in the back of my grandfather’s candy store in Revere, and I turned out okay,” Ginsberg declared before being hurried off-stage as the station cut to a commercial…

The story wraps up what you need to know:

Could NAMBLA’s founders have had any idea that they would become America’s symbol of organized depravity? That a group founded mostly by eccentric, boy-loving leftists would come to be considered Public Enemy Number One in the nation’s battle against child sexual abuse?

NAMBLA for Obama

NAMBLA for Obama

UPDATE 10:36 pm: The photo above is unattributed. A reader found it some time ago but cannot remember where.

Brings back rude memories of Kevin Jennings, Obama’s Safe School Czar, doesn’t it? Or ACLU President for 16 years, Nadine Strossen who kept convicted felon Steven C. Cunningham by her side, as as her Chief Aide (Strossen left the ACLU in 2008):

Steven C. Cunningham was convicted of the murky charge of Child Endangerment in the State of New Jersey. What is child endangerment? Did he fail to buckle a child’s seatbelt? Did he leave a small child at home, unattended? Did he go shopping with a child and let the child wander away? Did he allow a child to assault another child – endangering the assaulted? Did he let a child play with a medicine bottle?

No, that’s not what he did. He had three online chats with a boy that he believed was 12 years old, but was actually a police officer. According to charges filed, the phone calls were lewdly graphic and he attempted to meet “the child” somewhere. Cunningham was permanently disbarred in the State of New Jersey, but it appears that he is still licensed to practice in the State of New York and continues in the position of Chief Aide to ACLU President Nadine Strossen.

Since Strossen’s office will not confirm or deny Cunningham’s important position as her Chief Aide, why do I think he is still, indeed, with the ACLU? Here’s why: A search of New York State Unified Court System eCourts site confirms that Steven Christie Cunningham is licensed to practice in New York. Is Steven Christie Cunningham the same convicted Steven C. Cunningham? I think so. After this morning’s “no comment” from Strossen’s office, I called the phone number for Steven Christie Cunningham given on eCourts website. That call was answered by the New York Law School voicemail. When I selected Cunningham’s name from the list offered, the call was answered by Nadine Strossen’s office – the same young man who took my first call this a.m. and refused comment.

So much for the ACLU’s interest in your civil liberties or mine…our right to know if a man convicted of child endangerment is an integral part of the ACLU daily operations.

The New York State Unified Court System page today says Steven Christie Cunningham “resigned from bar – disciplinary reason” but fails to give a date. The ACLU, at the highest level, ‘normalized’ pedophilia.

As Rush said: Don’t pooh-pooh the Left’s push to normalize Pedophilia. Graphic courtesy of Wizbang


  • Don Laird

    I have written of this emerging horror.

    As parents, as men, as women……we are failing our children as groups like NAMBLA grow in strength and number daily.

    Watch this:

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  • Don Laird

    Here is a perfect example of the virtual impunity that sexual deviants enjoy throughout the West.

    Lets meet Geoffrey Leonard….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  • Shocked is not the word. Angry is not the word. This is just another attack on decent people by the Loony Liberals. G-d help us Maggie, this WILL become law soon.

    Stealing this for Monkey in the Middle

  • Although I have lived outside of the US for over twenty years, until I read this post the idea of giving up my citizenship has never occured to me. If this becomes acceptable behavior in America, I will change my citizenship.

    • Don Laird


      You may as well give up citizenship in every country in the Western world, this is an emerging trend and will follow the same path as homosexuality did in the early 1960’s which has led us to where we currently stand.

      In the coming years you can expect to see children removed from families and placed in the possession of male and female pedophiles who have “fallen in love” with the same children.

      You can also expect to see families, men and women who object to pedophile jailed on “hate crime” charges for objecting to the theft, molestation and violation of their children.

      Count on it……..

      Regards, Don Laird
      Edson, Alberta, Canada

  • This is the worst to date: WHAT ? is Sandusky talking now? Humm. . wonder who is afraid of getting caught with his pants down??? How evil and sick!!!