2012 Zilla Awards: Maggie’s Notebook in Rarified Air

If you don’t know Zilla of the Resistance, this is a good time to get acquainted. For the second year she has posted her Second Annual Zilla Award winners. This blog is listed and I’m grateful to show up among this fiesty lady’s picks. Do you know who would fit the “Blogs Whose Awesomeness Makes Leftists’ and/or Jihadi’s Heads Assplode with Murderous and/or Litigious Rage?” You have to visit Zilla to see the Awesomes.  Where would you find the “Best Mocking of the Obamas?” or who fits the category “Righteous Badassery?” or “The Best Pro-Life Blogs?” There are other pithy categories. Bet you find some new reads at Zilla’s to round our your daily news.

2012 Zilla Award


As for Maggie’s Notebook, I’m in heady company (rarified air!):

Best All-Around Blogging: Maggie’s Notebook, iOwnTheWorld, The Lonely Conservative, Doug Ross, Nice Deb, The Other McCain, Pundit & Pundette, lgstarr, DaTechGuy, The Camp of the Saints, Moonbattery, Sister Toldjah, Obi’s Sister, EBL, Lady Liberty 1885, and, Gateway Pundit

Zilla is fighting advanced Lyme Disease. It is a work of angst and love for her to publish a post, but when she does, she always makes a passionate point. Zilla is a righteous ranter of the First Order. If you have a few spare dollars, click the pink Zilla-thon badge in my right side bar and give her a tip. Her medical bills are huge. She has small children, is devoted to them and to researching this terrible disease that was so difficult to diagnose and which doctors seem to want to ignore.

Sending blessings to, praying for a cure for, Zilla of the Resistance.



  • Well deserved, I was glad to see it, and am praying for Zilla, as I have been for quite a while.

    • neenergyobserver, She sure needs the prayer. I had no idea what undiagnosed Lyme Disease can do. Thanks for the kind comment.