Virus Warnings, Feedburner, Google, Avatars and Kaspersky

A couple of months ago a financial blogger (and cyber friend) at GaltStock notified me that he received a warning from his Kaspersky anti-virus protection program when he came to Maggie’s Notebook. To make the long story short, this blog was (and is) absolutely clean, and yes I used various scans to make certain there was nothing awry with my site, along with professional help. I contacted Kaspersky. It appears a troll took exception to what I was saying and did something to throw up an alert. GlatStock, a Kaspersky customer, notified them on my behalf. I notified them and the alert went away. Now it’s back.

It's baaaaack!

It’s baaaaack!

UPDATE 12-29-12 12:10 pm: All blogrolls mentioned below are back up in RSS mode. Waiting to see what develops next.

Two blogger friends, Proof at Proof Positive and MOTUS at Michelle Obama’s Mirror, as well as a reader and personal friend in Colorado, notified me of the latest intrusion on my blog’s web presence. If I understand correctly, MOTUS had reader’s tell her that a warning popped up for her site because she was linked to me.

My Colorado friend told me his Kaspersky warning said a link/links to were the culprit. Proof got a warning on my “Favicon.” I’ve never had an account with Favicon. I do have an account with Gravatar, which has provided the little Liberty Bell that shows up when I comment on other blogs. I had more than one of the same Liberty Bell at Gravatar, and so changed to another. Maybe that will make things nice again.

My Colorado friend, who said the culprit was Feedburner, led my fabulous hosts and IT professionals at to this page at AVGThreatLabs:

30-day site report for:

Surf with caution

During the last 7 days potentially active threats were detected on a subdomain. However, no threats were detected on the main site.(updated Dec 28, 2012 GMT)

The SunAnt folks searched my entire site for anything malicious and found nada. A solution is to disable Feedburner – maybe? Google purchased Feedburner in 2007 and has now apparently abandoned any maintenance of the operation.  

I have taken a few steps that my blogging friends need to know about, as well as readers:

1) If your blog is on the blogroll in my left sidebar, which is today titled Blogroll 1 (Previously RSS), your RSS feed has been disabled until I can get the problem resolved. Was this necessary? I don’t know.

2) If you were on one of my special blogrolls, i.e. Outstanding Oklahoma Bloggers or Topic Titans, you are now on Blogroll 1 until I fix the problem.

3) I have not deleted my Feedburner account and will not until I know doing so is my only remaining option. I’m in discussion with SunAnt about that now.

MOTUS, Proof, my advertiser and my Colorado friend have all told Kaspersky my site is fine with them. MOTUS and Proof are still up and running and haven’t had to deal with a rabid virus, malicious coding, spyware or phishing due to Maggie’s Notebook. I can’t tell you how very much I appreciate each one of them. Just an FYI, I have a Mac that is loaded with protection, even though it’s doubtful it’s needed.

MOTUS has asked her readers using Kaspersky to report the “false positive” through their registered profile. If you have had the same problem, please report it at the following link (given to me by Kaspersky), and I will be forever grateful:

Please remember that Kaspersky is the only anti-virus program warning away from my site – only Kaspersky, which is located in Russia. They forwarded their phone number, which I may have to utilize if the email dialog fails. Wish me luck.

I continue to believe many of these warnings are the result of assaults on conservative blogs. I’ve been through this with Google’s Chrome browser (which I love using). A year or so ago, for no reason, their big red warning came up when reader’s visited – – and it was tough to recover from it. Here I go again

Having said all that, Hubby and I have a great family, had a wonderful Christmas holiday with our son and other family visiting, and with my Mother regaining her health. I do not have cancer or any other dangerous malady that I know of, and I also DO NOT HAVE AN INFECTED BLOG.



  • For what it\’s worth, I have never seen a single warning on your blog. As for Feedburner, I disabled and discarded it several months ago. I found that it was not aggregating my RSS feed as it should and I actually had many more subscribers than it was showing. I no longer use a feed aggregator.

  • I too have never had an incident with your blog but I have had on occasion, the latest of which has been some time ago, experienced the same madness at my blogspot blog.

    Apparently, you are saying something that many would rather you not.

    Translation: You\’re doing a great job.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Good to have you back Maggie.. thanks for the clean site..

  • No warnings here Maggie. And welcome back.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Thanks for the constructive post Mags. Gonna check out that Kaspersky thing. You know, it sounds like a chess strategy. Them Russians… I also haven\’t gotten any warnings and I have my things set on high. P to K4.
    Also, it might not be a troll, it might be our beneficent government playing games with monitoring software or whatnot. It sort of figures that a Russian designed program might catch that sort of thing when nobody else\’s stuff does. Know what I mean? The day is coming (already here) when political thought will be criminalized and many of us will be disappeared. First, they will make lists. Lots of lists. IMO, it\’s inevitable. Screw the Mayans, we have Orwell and he was correct a couple of decades early.

  • No problems here Maggie. Have a great New Year!

  • I just scanned my running Firefox and found nothing. A Favicon is, in your case, that bell of yours that appears on a tab in the browser or a sidebar blogroll.

  • montanaconserv

    Glad to hear things are going better with you and your family!

    Kaspersky has a huge reputation in the AntiVirus market. They are at the top of the list for most geeks out there. I work as an IT person, and if I visit your sight during the day, it has to go through not only a scan by our AntiVirus software (VIPRE), but also our firewall software (SonicWall)… neither has found anything. The firewall would have blocked the site totally if it found anything.

    My guess is that it is pulling a false find. It does happen at one time or another… these companies are constantly updating their \’definitions\’ , and sometimes they aren\’t tested thoroughly.

    Hope you have a great New Year!

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    But there is this weird backslash thing going on. Any of you geeks help to figure that out? My puterese is mostly not there. Here\’s hoping so. <—see?

    • montanaconserv

      It appears the backslashes appear only in front of apostrophes… this is an indicator that the PHP (code) used in the template/database for the site might be corrupted or not written correctly.

      • W.C. and montaconserv, I think it’s fixed now. I’m watching to see. Here’s a test.

        • Yes, seems okay now. Don’t know how that happened.

  • Glad you had a nice Christmas and wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year. I had no problems accessing your site.

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