It’s Not The Guns, It’s The Madman Doing The Killing!

After the tragedy of last Friday, the leftist of the nation, headed by President Barack Hussein Obama, are demanding that the nation dismantle the 2nd Amendment and take guns away from the citizens of the land.  It seems that every time a tragedy happens, the left want to remove the guns as if it was the panacea that will cure all the ills of the land.

This panacea has been tried through out Europe and other places.  In Great Britain they removed guns from the hands of the people and violent crime has risen by 25%.  The problem in some areas is so great that the average Brit is afraid to leave his or her home at night.  In fact home invasion robberies are on the rise and the new self-defense weapons (knives, baseball and cricket bats) are now being outlawed.  They are destroying their nation in order to achieve a Utopia.

In Australia guns were removed from the people 5 years ago.  Violent crime has risen 6000%.  The people are demanding their guns to be returned.  They are not safe, the police are not helping and they have no way to defend themselves.

In the City of Chicago there have been 436 murders so far this year.  That is up from 435 for the total of last year.  Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.  Yet the murder rate is climbing to be almost 2 murders a day.  That is about 60 deaths a month.  Way more than the 26 at Newtown, CT.  Yet the leftists in the city call for more gun control.  It doesn’t work.

Now we are hearing the same cries.  Get rid of the guns.  Get rid of the assault weapons.  Get rid of the large magazines.  Get rid of the bullets.  But not the true reason for the massacres.


Now I’ve just said a horribly bigoted thing.  After all, these people have an illness.  They cannot be just thrown into a hospital.  The old State Mental Hospitals were eliminated because they were cruel placed.  The mentally ill have rights!   They need to be allowed out amongst us.  They have the right to a life.

What the bleeding heart liberals refuse to recognize is that not all the mentally ill are able to be amongst us.  In fact, it is for our safety that they need to be locked away.

The great number of the mentally ill (90%) take their medicine, see their doctor, live quite normal lives.  They are not violent.  They are our neighbors and friends.  They are no harm to themselves and others.

A smaller amount need a more structured environment.  A group home or the like will be fine for these people.  They need a person telling them how to live each day or even each hour at time.  They might become violent or self-destructive, but can be controlled better.

The last group, a very small minority, are extremely violent.  They WILL hurt themselves or others.  They WILL find a way to acquire guns, explosives or even knives.  These are the madmen who WILL commit a murder, murder/suicide, or even a mass murder.  They have no feelings for others, no consciences.  Killing is just another high for them.  These are the mentally ill that MUST be hospitalized before they kill.

Unfortunately there is no way to commit a young person to a State Hospital to protect society.  Until a person commits a crime, and is “in the system”, one cannot commit a dangerous individual.  In fact it is only until a mentally ill commits the crime, he or she will not even get any help.  Over 50% of prisoners in US prisons are mentally ill.  In fact our prison system has become our State Mental Hospitals.  Prison budgets are being bloated by the care of the mentally ill.  By the drugs and therapy these people need every day.  And true criminals, many who will repeat their crimes over and over without any mental illness, are put upon the streets of our cities in order to care for the mentally ill.

This should not be.  In fact the tragedy in Newtown, CT could have been prevented if Nancy Lanza had been able to call a state run hotline, explained her fears, and gotten Adam into a state facility for evaluation.  If that had been an option for her, she would be alive and 26 innocent victims would be celebrating the season.

Should we not address the guns which did not kill anyone, but the mentally ill man who commits this crime.

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  • Good Maggie! Very nice piece! We need to get the word out that we can’t let the leftists make us believe otherwise, that it’s for the good of the children, etc. This is how tyranny control takes over. Take the guns, un-arm the citizens :for their own good” and we know what has happened in communist countries!

  • Xavier

    How we treat the mentally ill is certainly a part of the problem but the entertainment industry – which created and sustains the very gun culture they criticize – bears most of the responsibility. The vast majority of movies, television shows, and video games are violent; anyone who doesn’t think this affected developing children, and especially those who are mentally impaired, is living with their head in the sand. There are other contributing factors like bad parenting, an irresponsible society, anti-Christian messaging in schools, etc, but television, movies, and video games are the worst and strongest influences on children. When there’s a murder the police don’t arrest the weapon – they charge the suspected killer. It’s time to hold the entertainment industry responsible for the non-stop diet of sex and violence they’ve force fed this nation for decades.

  • “Yet the leftists in the city call for more gun control. It doesn’t work.”

    Ot is not about saving lives. It is about control.

    America needs a conversation about how we treat the mentally ill.

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  • I have a friend in Australia.. where they took all the guns from people. She works in Government there and she told me, It don’t work. Criminals have lots of guns.. and crime goes up.

    I want to share this tribute to the children lost..

  • Here’s a video to check out …

  • We despise even the sound of the Godless name of Obama. BHO BTW is the madman that is ruining America. We The People do not need or want him or his pay pals in our business, in fact Obama has no business in America. No one can tell us what to do, we work for a living and pay the FU government for what, NOTHING! Secede from the Union and stop paying taxes.
    They owe us, not we owe them or have to be baby sat telling us like children if we can or cannot have guns, piss on that! Obama and his Regime are all a POS! Obama is a Usurper, that did not win election, it was fixed, big time!
    My God and My Gun is my business, you bet ya!