Has Assad Used His WMDs?

While I cannot verify the validity of this video, and don’t know if the rebels are using Pallywood techniques, or if the rebels used WMDs themselves for their own purposes, but if this video and report is correct, Assad has gone over the edge and used his chemical warfare.

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Fears of the worst possible scenario in Syria have been confirmed in a video released by rebels that shows victims of chemical warfare.

An almost sure sign that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has unleashed his chemical weapons for use against rebels is his regime’s claim on Saturday that rebels are preparing to use chemicals in their uprising. Assad systematically has accused opposition forces, which he labels as “foreign terrorists,” of carrying out attacks and murders for which his own loyalists are responsible.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Saturday there was evidence the Damascus government could actually employ chemical weapons stocks in the conflict which a rights group says has killed at least 42,000 people in nearly 21 months.

The Obama administration is bound to be tested this week on its treat to intervene militarily if signs continue to show that chemical weapons are already being used in Syria.

If President Barack Obama thought that his warning would be enough to stop Assad, he apparently is mistaken. Assad knows that if he does not defeat the opposition, his fate is death, and probably in a way no more humane than his brutal suppression of the uprising if not in a way similar to that of his old friend, Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi.

Military intervention would have far-reaching repercussions especially, in Iran, a last holdout in Assad’s collapsing support.

Tehran’s fears of the fall of Assad were reflected Saturday in an article in Fars News Agency, an Iranian regime mouthpiece. It misquoted the London Guardian, which reported Hague’s statements on Assad’s preparations to use chemical weapons, and said that the newspaper reported, “The U.S. is spreading rumors about the use of chemical weapons in Syria to find an excuse for launching military strike on Damascus.”


I pray that this is a hoax to put world pressure on Assad, but fear that it the start of a new phase of the Syrian Civil War.  A phase that will bring mass deaths to the civilian population.

Halabja, Iraq  March 1988

May G-d be with the innocent civilians of Syria.

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  • W. C. Taqiyya

    For what it’s worth, If that video is supposed to portray victims of nerve gas, it’s a hoax all day long. Further, if a chemical weapon was used, they would have video from the scene almost immediately, it would be swiftly confirmed by numerous sources and Obama the warmonger would have his excuse to bomb another Arab country. Well, he would at least be on TV talking about taking firm steps. He’s a good talker. So no, Assad hasn’t used his probably imaginary stockpile of chemical weapons. Please remember who is pushing this fear mongering. The rumors are coming from the White House. I don’t believe them. If Assad has chemical weapons and if he has mixed the precursors and if he uses them, what happens in real life? First, he won’t be able to buy exit passes for any of his family or friends. Not for all the tea in China. He can forget about even temporary asylum for himself. So, his entire family, all of his friends and the entire Alawite sect would be wiped out. No question. Will he use them anyway? I seriously doubt it. I also don’t think he has any. If he did and if he was willing to bring the whole world howling down upon him at once, he probably would have used them by now. Assad has very few friends. Pretty much Iran and less and less every day, Russia. Using Chemical weapons would see him without any friends and an entire country gone berserker mode against him. By the way, if the administration said that global warming was the cause of all the really bad storms, I wouldn’t believe them either. Oh, they did say that? My point exactly. Thank you.

    • I was thinking more like mustard gas which does leave the victims like that. And remember that the rebels have been playing around with chemical weapons.

      Or it could be The Syrian version of Pallywood.

      Then again I did say it could be a hoax. Or a “Wag the Dog” moment for Obama.

  • Don Laird

    I call bullshit!!!

    This is no chemical attack, this is some rank amateur asshole with a kindergarten grade make-up kit….that’s all and nothing more.

    Pallywood……just another attempt at the Golden Muhammad by a bunch of muslims who have all the talent found in a pigs ass……or a dog’s testicles…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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  • Julie

    May God be with innocent civilians of Syria