Buy Israeli Goods For Chistmas/Chanukah

Now while Chanukah is winding down and really isn’t a big gift holiday.  (Chocolate coins, money [gelt], etc…)  Christmas is up coming and that is a big gift holiday.  A few weeks ago I posted Stand Up Against Boycotting Israel at Monkey in the Middle and Maggie’s Notebook.    A reader named Georgia asked this question:  Why not publish a list of Israeli-made goods we can buy to support Israel?

Here is my answer:

While you will not get hams or shrimp from Israel here are a some products you can get:

Beauty and Skin Care

Ahava Dead Sea Minerals

Doctor Kadi

Mineral Flowers


Any computer with an Intel chip in it.  The latest chips were designed in Intel Israel (Haifa).  In fact Motorola, Microsoft and even now Apple have their Research and Development centers in Israel.  Look at almost all high tech companies and they are fools not to have the R and D centers in Israel.  Must be the apartheid and bad human rights that is rampant in Israel.


Israeli Wines Direct

Max Brenner Chocolates

Wissotzky Teas

Jewelry and Watches

Insist that the diamonds you buy have been subjected to the Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is the process established in 2003 to prevent “conflict diamonds” from entering the mainstream rough diamond market. The KPCS was introduced by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56 following recommendations in the Fowler Report. The process was set up “to ensure that diamond purchases were not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments.”

The Kimberley Process was invented in Israel.  Though not perfect, it is a start to stop the sale of Blood diamonds.

BTW:  Many diamonds do travel through Israel so if you are boycotting Israeli products take diamonds off your list.  On the other hand, buy diamonds if you are buycotting Israeli goods.

Adi Watches


Israeli Military Industries

Developers of the Desert Eagle. Uzi, and other fine weapons.

I you are still having problems finding Israeli products to buy your loved ones, then try this site:

Buy Israeli Goods

Just a few of the companies that are doing business in Israel.

Remember this:  That by boycotting Israeli goods you are hurting Palestinian employees who get better wages and benefits working for Israeli companies.  But then again those who boycott Israeli goods are not against Israel or for Palestine but are following their anti-Semitism to a new level.

The original BDS Movement!

Read the latest at Monkey in the Middle

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