Vladimir Putin Happy: Flexible Obama Still in Charge

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a happy man today with a more “flexible” Barack

Vladmir Putin – Barack Obama

Obama still in charge. When Obama sent the almost, but not quite, private message to Putin through former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, an open mic revealed that our President can now be more “flexible,” for Putin, and with Russia’s open hostility to the West. The November 6th election showed a significant number of American voters think that is a good thing. Continuing to arm the world’s most vicious dictators will not be frowned upon behind the scenes by America’s leaders, and why should a strong missile defense concern us anyway. What happens openly to the public eye, depends on what Obama says his position is, even though his actions often do not match his words. Read more at Weasel Zippers.

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  • Nothing to say … it’s already been said. It’s over.

  • I just heard him say he’s going to try and end the partisanship in Washington.. I assume like he did the first two years..

  • Obama has one problem now. He is a Lame Duck. The Democrats will all try to become the next nominee. Hillary wants to run in ’16. And the House controls the purse strings.

    I wonder if Obama will get anything done. The market is dropping, jobs are going and we have no money for any programs.

    • Boy finealiz.. you said that right.. I didn’t think of that.. Think I’ll post that statement on my facebook.. for all the smug libs that comment there.